Document Development Guidance

Document Development Guidance

The ACI Technical Committee Manual (TCM) (PDF and ePub) is prepared by the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) to guide the operation of ACI technical committees and the development of committee documents. Refer to the TCM for details on document submission.


    December 22, 2017 - for review at 2018 Spring Convention


There are five (six, if a standard) stages to document development. Links for tools such as checklists and templates are located below each step in which they are applicable.

1. Planning/writing
Guide and report template
Design standard template
Construction standard template
Guide for writing a TechNote
Metrication Guide

Balloting Tools
Document Ballot Form
Document Ballot: Chair Resolution Form
How to Initiate a Ballot
Balloting Examples

2. Submit to TAC
Document Submittal Checklist

3. TAC review
Review Comments Classification

4. Respond to TAC comments
Responding to TAC Comments Checklist

5. Standardization (if design standard or construction standard)
Responding to Public Discussion Checklist

6. Publication

Send document, balloting, and summary of revisions to

Technical Committee Manual

How-To Presentations

Chair Breakfast Presentations