Frequently Asked Questions


I've lost/damaged my wallet card/certificate. Can I order replacement credentials?

Yes, you may purchase a new ACI Certification wallet card and certificate online for $25. Please use this Credential Replacement Order Form and follow the prompts to login to access your records.

If you'd like to pay by check or use the old PDF form, please submit completed forms to ACI for processing.

I never received my credentials. Where are they?

We strive to have certification exams processed and graded between 7 and 10 business days after receiving them from the examiner. If it has been more than 4 weeks, it is possible the Postal Service was unable to deliver your credentials due to a bad address. Please contact ACI at to verify your address. We might be missing a house or apartment number on your record.

Am I certified?

You can verify your certification status here.

You can also download the ACI Certification Verify app in the Apple App Store and Google Play to check your status.

How do I verify ACI certification?

You can verify a certification status here.

You can also download the ACI Certification Verify app in the Apple App Store and Google Play to check your status.

How long will it take to get results from my exam?

You should expect to receive your testing results within 2 to 4 weeks after testing.

What’s my ID number?

If you are certified, your ID number is displayed on your wallet card. If you cannot locate your card, you can submit a Certification Identification Number Request Form to receive your personal ID number.

If you’re an ACI Member or have a web login, you may find your ID number under My ACI.

When does my certification expire?

If you hold a current certification, you may check the expiration date here.

You can also download the ACI Certification Verify app in the Apple App Store and Google Play to check your status.

If I get certified in one state and move, is my certification still good?

Yes, ACI certifications are recognized and valid worldwide.

Exam Sessions

When is the next exam session?

To find the next exam session in your area, please refer to Upcoming Testing & Training. Not all Sponsoring Groups publish their upcoming testing on our website. If you don’t see your Sponsoring Group on this list, locate and contact your group here.

How do I register for an exam session?

You will need to contact your Sponsoring Group to register. Find your SG here.

I failed the written portion of the exam. What do I do now?

You will need to retest on the written exam if you would like to be ACI certified. A good idea might be to read over the sections and standards you did not pass the first time around. Then, you will need to register with your Sponsoring Group or Prometric to retest.

I’m supposed to attend an exam, but I need to reschedule or postpone it. Who do I need to talk to about this?

Please contact your Sponsoring Group immediately and ask them if this is something they can arrange.

If you are scheduled to test with Prometric Testing Centers, you’ll need to contact them directly to see what’s available. Cancellation fees may apply. For more information on Prometric’s scheduling and cancellation policy, please visit their website or call (800) 722-2857.

Personal Info

My name has changed or is misspelled on my certificate and wallet card. How can I get this fixed?

Please submit a Name Change Request Form to ACI. When we receive the form for a misspelled name, we will correct this problem and re-mail your credential.

For a legal name change, please supply a copy of the legal document(s) to support this change. If you would like replacement credentials, please submit a Credential Replacement Order Form.

I moved; how do I change my address with ACI?

You will need to submit an Address Change Form. or update your address on your profile.


Can I study from an old version workbook to prep for my upcoming test?

Unfortunately, as the industry changes, we need to update our material to match these changes. Exam questions are based on the current workbook versions. If your workbook version does not match the book listed under each program's description page, you should consider getting the correct book before your next exam. Workbooks may be purchased from the ACI Store or your Sponsoring Group.

Work Experience

Where do I find Work Experience forms?

All work experience forms may be found under each program's description page.

How do I get work experience forms for the ICC - Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector (RCSI) program?

The following forms must be completed and submitted to:
The ACI Certification Department Attn: Exam Processing
38800 Country Club Dr.
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
RCSI Work Experience Form
Online RCSI Payment Form

To use the Online payment method listed above, you must sign-in with the account linked to your ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I certification.

If you're not ACI Certified or would like to pay by check, please use this RCSI payment form.

ACI Certification Graphic Use

Can I use the ACI logo to promote my certification?

ACI Certification graphic

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to use this specific ACI Certification graphic on e-mail, websites, stationery, and other materials to show support of the American Concrete Institute’s certification programs. The ACI Certification name, logo, and/or graphic must not be used as proof of certification or to imply anything other than support of American Concrete Institute’s certification programs. Use of this graphic must be accompanied by the statement “Supporter of ACI Certification,” or words to similar effect, next to the graphic. To download the graphic and read full guidelines for use, visit the Marketing Tool Kit.


Are ACI Certification programs reimbursable under the GI Bill?

Currently, the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I Certification program is the only ACI Certification program reimbursable to Veterans through the GI Bill; Veterans are eligible for reimbursement if attending a program as of January 1, 2020. ACI is applying for approval of more programs in the coming months. Veterans applying for Education & Training benefits under the GI Bill should visit the VA website.

What is the ACI Veteran Rebate Program?

The ACI Veteran Rebate program is described fully here.