Membership Testimonials

Hear directly from our members on how they feel about their ACI Membership!

"ACI membership gets me close to all updates related to concrete, and since joining in 2012, I feel like a member in a large multi-cultural family interested in concrete."—Ali A.

"ACI's membership opens the door to great network opportunities and resources to people within our industry."— Amy J.

"I have been a member for about 60 years. This has been crucial in my professional life."—William G.

"ACI provides many opportunities for networking, education, and professional improvement. It is an indispensable organization that has made its mark on the industry it serves."—Dave S.

"As an ACI Individual Member, I have access to the materials and learning I need as a Quality Control Manager."—Marisa C.

"It crosses employment opportunities. I was able to use my membership as a "selling point" in my last (and very successful) employment search."—James J.

"ACI resources are a valuable asset to every civil engineer. In the last two years, I found information to solve everyday issues during construction."—Andrés G.


ACI member benefits give you free digital access to ACI's guides, reports, and more; plus, substantial discounts to add access to ACI's codes and specifications.