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ACI Technical committees periodically publish papers from convention sessions or a symposium in a Symposium Publication (SP). ACI SPs are published in PDF.

An SP may include papers from convention sessions, papers submitted but not presented, and other papers dealing with the same subject matter received by the Institute and approved by the sponsoring committee for inclusion in the SP. Papers must be original unless otherwise approved by TAC, be of high quality, and report new or unpublished work that adds to the existing knowledge base. Special Publications are documents published by staff, an individual author, or a technical committee (not a technical document). Going forward, those publications will be called Manuals (MNL).

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ACI offers an online subscription that provides unlimited access to new and archived papers from all Symposium Publications, while providing search functionality by date, topic, and author. The Symposium Papers Subscription provides 12 months of PDF access to over 6,000 papers published since 1962, plus any new papers that are published.

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