Introduction to Student Chapters

Student Chapters

Join or form an ACI Student Chapter to maximize your influence, knowledge sharing and camaraderie! ACI has over 100 student chapters located throughout the world, each providing opportunities for students to:

    • Connect with their peers and participate in concrete related activities such as: student competitions, ACI Conventions, ACI Certification Programs, ACI Educational Seminars, local chapter meetings, social events, community service projects, etc.
    • Network with members of local chapters, many of whom have been in the industry for decades and can help to develop professional relationships and offer career advice.
    • Win recognition for their universities through the University Award
    • Learn about the many scholarships and fellowships offered by the ACI Foundation and by ACI’s local chapters.

Form a Chapter

If there is no ACI Student Chapter at your University consider forming one. To learn more about forming a chapter at your University, contact ACI’s Director of Chapter Activities, John Conn.