Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition

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Teams are challenged to apply sustainability concepts and to use their knowledge of concrete mixture design by producing pervious concrete which balances permeability and splitting tensile strength. Teams are additionally challenged to develop a mixture design which could be selected as “Best in Show” by practicing Pervious Concrete Professionals. The Best in Show mixture is that which receives the most votes of the professionals—they will evaluate the mixtures on practicality, expense, ease of placement, and other real-world concepts. The students’ ability to accurately create a mixture design documenting the concrete is also scored. Only teams judged to have a complete and accurate mixture design are eligible for inclusion in the Best in Show prize category. Because of this, it is highly recommended to work with a pervious concrete professional to review your mixture design for accuracy prior to submitting.


Two prize categories are offered—Cylinder Performance and Best in Show. First-, second-, and third-place entries in both categories will be awarded a certificate of recognition, will be recognized in Concrete International magazine (if space allows), and will be recognized on ACI's website. In addition, for each category the first-place team will receive a $750 award, the second-place team will receive $500, and the third-place team will receive $250. Results will be announced and prizes awarded at the student award ceremony following the competition on Monday at the ACI Concrete Convention.


This competition uses a falling-head permeameter method—see Fig. 1. A picture of a similar (but not exact) falling-head permeameter test setup may be obtained from ACI 522R-06, “Pervious Concrete.” A parts list used in the permeameter is also available upon request. General information on pervious concrete can be obtained from ACI 522R; ACI 522.1; and ACI 211.3, Appendix 6. Note: ACI documents are available to student chapters online.


These rules have been approved only for the Fall 2024 competition. A PDF copy can be accessed here.

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