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Please note that ACI has more than 120 Sponsoring Groups offering a variety of ACI’s 30+ certification programs. If the Sponsoring Group(s) in your local area does not offer the specific ACI certification program you are looking for, consider these additional options: expand your search and look at other Sponsoring Groups in surrounding areas; find an upcoming certification session in the ACI Certification Sessions Calendar; or contact an ACI Resource Center to explore scheduling a test at one of these locations. 


The ACI Resource Center coordinates with ACI chapters and sponsoring groups to offer direct, on-demand access to all ACI Certification programs, plus hands-on training and educational opportunities.

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Individuals seeking ACI Certification are advised that ACI Sponsoring Groups are monitoring restrictions on gatherings and events in their regions to inhibit transmission of the COVID-19 virus. This may lead to postponements and cancellations of scheduled sessions until restrictions are lifted. ACI urges you to check directly with the Sponsoring Group to verify the status of any scheduled sessions.

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