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Verify a certification by entering the certification ID, search by name, or find the number of certified individuals in an area.

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Why ACI Certification

Learn why over 750,000 craftsmen, technicians, inspectors, and other concrete professionals have pursued ACI Certification, and why a large and growing list of specifiers and owners are requiring the concrete industries' leading certification credentials.

How to Get Certified

Follow these four easy steps to get started on earning an ACI Certification. Prove your knowledge and demonstrate your skills in a variety of testing, inspection, and specialist programs.

Certification Programs

ACI offers over 30 certification programs in a variety of areas within the industry. Find the program that will give you and your organization the competitive edge.

Find a Testing Location In Your Area

ACI Certifications are conducted by Sponsoring Groups. Please note that ACI has more than 135 Sponsoring Groups offering a variety of ACI’s 30+ certification programs. If the Sponsoring Group(s) in your local area does not offer the specific ACI certification program you are looking for, consider these additional options: expand your search and look at other Sponsoring Groups in surrounding areas; find an upcoming certification session in the ACI Certification Sessions Calendar; or contact an ACI Resource Center to explore scheduling a test at one of these locations.

Find a Sponsoring Group in your area.

On-Line Training for Your Certification Test

Prepare for your upcoming certification test on-line with the following:
Concrete Field Testing Grade I Certification Training (6 Courses)

Concrete Construction Special Inspector Certification Training

Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Training

Cement Physical Tester Certification Training

Concrete Strength Testing Technician Certification Training

Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician Certification Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the most frequently asked questions about ACI Certification. From how and where to arrange for testing to questions on results and credentials, answers to your questions can be found here.

ACI Certification Graphic Use

ACI Certification graphic

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to use this ACI Certification graphic on e-mail, websites, stationery, and other materials to show support of the American Concrete Institute’s certification programs. To download the graphic and read full guidelines for use, visit the Marketing Tool Kit.

ACI Resource Centers

Offering training for new-hire onboarding and more, access to all ACI Certification programs, and education programs on popular industry topics, ACI Resource Centers can prepare you for success

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About ACI Certification

ACI offers over 30 certification programs designed to form a minimum qualification for personnel employed within the concrete construction industry. Certification examinations and optional training courses are conducted through an international network of over 135 sponsoring groups. Since 1983, ACI has administered exams to over 750,000 individuals, with over 120,000 certifications currently maintained by ACI.

A number of national Cooperating Organizations participate (cooperate) with ACI in programs to improve the quality of concrete construction.