ACI Fellows

Individuals were first elected to be an ACI Fellow of the Institute in 1973.

The Bylaws provide that Fellows are nominated by a Fellows Nomination Committee and elected by the Board of Direction. Potential candidates may be presented to the Fellows Nomination Committee for its consideration by a member of the Committee, by a local chapter, by the International Advisory Committee, or by petition by five current ACI Members. At the time of nomination, a Fellow shall have been a Member of the Institute, or a representative of an Organizational or Sustaining Member of the Institute, for at least fifteen years, including three of the last five years. A Fellow shall have made outstanding contributions to the production or use of concrete materials, products, and structures in the areas of education, research, development, design, construction, or management. In addition, a Fellow shall have made significant contributions to ACI through committees and/or local chapters. A Fellow shall retain that membership rank as long as membership in the Institute is maintained or until elected an Honorary Member. Nominations for deceased individuals will not be considered. Staff members will no longer be considered.

ACI's Newest Fellows, 2019:

Matthew P. Adams
Joaquim A. O. Barros
Lance A. Boyer
Martin A. Cuadra
Geert De Schutter
John S. Lund
Moncef Nehdi
Honggun Park
Chris Ramseyer
Mehrdad Sasani
Michael D. Serra
Robert M. Simonelli
Anthony M. Sorcic

The living Fellows are listed alphabetically below:


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