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Public Seminars


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Upcoming Public Seminars

ACI 318-19: Changes to the Concrete Design Standard

Continuing Education Credit: 7.5 PDH / 0.75 CEU

Coming Fall 2019 (Dates and locations to be announced soon)

This seminar covers the major changes in the 2019 edition of ACI 318, “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-19) and Commentary. This edition is the first edition of ACI 318 in 5 years and the first update since the reorganization of the code in the 2014 edition.

All major changes in this edition of the code will be presented and discussed. This includes major changes centered around the topics of higher reinforcing steel yield strengths for many applications and the associated design provision changes; the addition of shotcrete provisions; deep foundation provisions; seismic requirements for deep foundations and other applications; vertical seismic motions; nonlinear analysis for seismic design; modification to development length equations; and updated shear design provisions and equations.

Specific topics covered in the seminar include:

    • New provisions allowing the use of higher steel strengths along with changes to design provisions such as strength reduction factors, minimum reinforcement, and requirements for development and splice lengths of straight, hooked, and headed bars.
    • Higher steel strength limits for shear walls and special moment frames with accompanying changes to lateral support of vertical reinforcement.
    • Newly included and updated provisions related to shotcrete design and construction.
    • Provisions governing nonlinear response history analysis for performance-based seismic design.
    • Revised seismic design and detailing requirements for structural walls.
    • Reduced column tie spacings for intermediate and special moment frames.
    • Inclusion of IBC provisions for deep foundations, including seismic provisions, to expand the scope of deep foundations covered in the code.
    • Consolidation and updating of one-way and two-way shear provisions.
    • Changes to reinforcement and penetration requirements for two-way slabs.
    • Removal of two-way slab design methods and shearhead provisions.
    • Detailing and distribution requirement changes for transverse, integrity, and flange reinforcement.
    • Modifications to requirements for prestressed concrete detailing and design.
    • Revisions to strut-and-tie provisions.
    • Simplification of shrinkage and temperature reinforcement provisions.
    • Modification of load test provisions.
    • Addition of screw anchor and shear lug provisions in Chapter 17.
    • Use of alternative cementitious materials, crushed concrete, and recycled aggregate.
    • Revisions to the definition of modulus of elasticity.
    • Changes to the lightweight concrete modification factor.
    • Addition of requirements governing the certification of personnel.
    • Addition of commentary references to ACI 562 for repair issues.
    • Changes to exposure categories and mixture proportioning requirements for durability.


Troubleshooting Concrete Construction

Continuing Education Credit: 7.5 PDH / 0.75 CEU

Coming Fall 2019 (ACI Headquarters: Farmington Hills, MI, USA)

This seminar will discuss the steps involved in concrete troubleshooting including: identifying symptoms that may affect the appearance or structural integrity of the material, collecting information, developing a preliminary diagnosis, conducting testing of the material properties, and confirming the diagnosis. The causes and solutions of common concrete problems will be examined.

Attendees will receive the following ACI publications:
• Specifications for Structural Concrete ACI 301-16
• Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction ACI 302.1R-15
• Guide to Cast-in-Place Architectural Concrete Practice ACI 303R-12
• Guide to Curing Concrete ACI 308R-16
• Identification and Control of Visible Effects of Consolidation on Formed Concrete Surfaces
• ACI 309.2R-15

Concrete Slabs-On-Ground

Continuing Education Credit: 7.5 PDH / 0.75 CEU

Coming Fall 2019 (ACI Headquarters: Farmington Hills, MI, USA)

This seminar will provide an overview of concrete slabs-on-ground. Information regarding how to design, specify, and build quality concrete floors will be shared. Details regarding soil support systems including vapor transmission control, post-tensioning for expansive soils, and more will be discussed. The causes of joint curling and cracking and how this affects the design, materials, and construction of concrete floors will be discussed

Attendees will receive the following ACI publications:
• Guide for Concrete Floors and Slab Construction ACI 302.1R-15
• Design of Slabs-on-Ground ACI 360R-10

Troubleshooting Concrete Forming and Shoring

Continuing Education Credit: 7.5 PDH / 0.75 CEU

Coming Fall 2019 (ACI Headquarters: Farmington Hills, MI, USA)

One-day seminar for contractors and engineers. Attendees will learn tips and traps associated with form stripping and reshoring and will work through calculations for a reshoring problem. Instructors will address tolerances for vertical alignment and slope, slab deflections, balcony drainage issues, and tolerance incompatibilities with cladding materials. Expectations for formed surface quality will be covered with tips for minimizing surface effects such as bugholes that can lead to disputes. Attendees will also learn how to achieve forming economies and compute form pressures. Advanced topics such as one-sided forming, forming overhangs, and SCC formwork basics will also be covered.

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