Annual Chapter Report

To maintain affiliation with ACI, all chapters are required to submit an annual report summarizing activities from the prior year.

The electronic report form is available in December of each year and is due by February 1st. Chapters failing to submit by February 1st are considered delinquent and will not be eligible to participate in any products/services provided by ACI (this includes use of the StarChapter AMS). Chapters delinquent for more than 12 months will have their affiliation with ACI revoked and will no longer be permitted to use the ACI logo and trademarks.

To access and submit an annual report, click here. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Denesha Price at +1.248.848.3830 or

Chapter Recognition Program

The annual report is also used to recognize chapter efforts. Points are awarded for the level of activity in each category provided in the chapter report form.

The criteria for these awards ensure that all chapters, large and small—new and seasoned—receive consideration. More information can be found here.

Annual Report Overview