About CI

About Concrete International (CI)

Concrete International is the magazine of the concrete community, published monthly by ACI.

CI's circulation is concentrated among professionals in the concrete field -- the engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, researchers, and technicians largely responsible for the advancement of concrete technology and practice. These professionals collaborate in preparing ACI Codes, Standards, and Guides that define the essential requirements for all types of concrete structures.

Contact Information

For advertising information, contact Meredith Schwartz, Account Executive; Phone: +1.410.584.8487; Fax: +1.410.584.1998; E-mail: Concrete@networkmediapartners.com

For subscription information and address changes, contact Customer Service: Phone: +1.248.848.3800; Fax: +1.248.848.3801; E-mail: bkstore@concrete.org

For all other information, contact Lacey J. Stachel Phone: +1.248.848.3736; Fax: +1.248.848.3150; E-mail: lacey.stachel@concrete.org

Featured Issue - October 2018: Precast/Prestressed & Post-Tensioned


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