Concrete International Magazine (CI)

February 2017


Feature Articles

Shallow Embedded Anchors
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Determining the load-carrying capacity of specialty inserts

Modifications to ACI 318-14 are proposed to harmonize industry rules for anchorage of nonstructural elements.

Nano-Modified Fly Ash Concrete

Evaluating new material for partial-depth repairs of pavement joints

Field trials verify that mixtures enhanced with a nanosilica sol can be employed.

Crumb Rubber Concrete Bridge Deck

Reviewing the performance of a novel material after a decade in service

A real-world application indicates an exceptional ability to resist cracking.

French Dam Technology Passes the Test

Evaluating a new technology for small- to medium-sized hydroelectric and water control systems

Test program verifies efficiency of a new precast concrete modular dam system.

A Safe Corrosion Solution for Potable Water Reservoirs

Using migrating corrosion inhibitors to provide protection against corrosion

Case study summarizes key features of a project in Tarragona, Spain.

Guide to Shotcrete

Updates to "Guide to Shotcrete (ACI 506R-16)"

Changes are summarized in this reprint from the Summer 2016 issue of Shotcrete.