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September 2017

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Proposals for New One-Way Shear Equations for the 318 Building Code
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An introduction to six proposals covered in this issue of CI

The goal is to update the one-way shear equations in the ACI 318-19 Code.

Concrete Quality Technical Manager Certification
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ACI is offering a new certification program—Concrete Quality Technical Manager (CQTM).

Updating the ACI Shear Design Provisions

A method, based on first principles, to simplify shear provisions in the Code and address safety issues.

One-Way Shear Design Method Based on a Multi-Action Model

A presentation of a simplified version of the multi-action shear model developed by the authors.

A Unified Approach to Shear Design

A unified approach that eliminates limitations of shear design expressions in ACI 318-14 and provides for improved safety.

Shear Strength of Prestressed and Nonprestressed Concrete Beams

A proposal that includes an “arch action factor” to simplify and improve on current shear strength calculations.

Unified Shear Design Method of Concrete Beams Based on Compression Zone Failure Mechanism

A proposal for a shear strength model based on the concrete compression zone failure mechanism.

Proposal for ACI 318 Shear Design

A proposal based on truss models, valid for members with or without shear reinforcement.

Notable Concrete in Anaheim

Examples of concrete construction in the vicinity of the ACI convention