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November 2017

Sustainability & Resilience

Feature Articles

Position Statements from the Concrete Polishing Council of ASCC
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Joint efforts of polishing contractors and slab contractors lead to rapid progress

Documents cover slab protection during construction, slip resistance of finished floors, and coordinating the subcontracts for the slab placement and polishing work.

Uncoupling Modulus of Elasticity and Strength
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Effect of small addition of carbon nanotubes on concrete properties

A summary of recent research on an alternative way to obtain a high MOE concrete without necessarily increasing the compressive strength.

Winners of the 2017 ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards

R·torso·C, a residence in Tokyo, Japan, received the overall Excellence Award

Can We Design Concrete to Survive Nuclear Environments?

A discussion on the effects of nuclear environments on concrete and cementitious grouts

A Tale of Two Dams

A review of the designs for the Oroville and Daniel-Johnson Dams

Concrete Q&A: Welded Wire Reinforcement Placement

ACI 301-16 provides placement requirements for WWR