Concrete International

September 2018

Design & Management Technologies

Feature Articles

Constructability of Embedded Steel Plates in Cast-in-Place Concrete
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Best practices for design, fabrication, coordination, and construction

ASCC members share their experiences and recommendations.

The INACHUS Project

Field tests to improve urban search-and-rescue operations

Promising tools include seismic sensors, radar systems, and the electronic nose.

Challenges and Complexity of Proposal for Mitigating Thermal Bridges

ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 addendum is open for public comments through September 17, 2018

An Introduction to Deep Learning

Technology to enhance identification of structural damage

Boundary Elements in Rectangular Walls for Earthquake Resistance

Graphical aids help identify when boundary elements are needed in low- and mid-rise buildings

Learning from the Japanese Experience with High-Strength Longitudinal Reinforcement

Test results could lead to code changes that reduce reinforcement congestion