Concrete International

May 2019

Concrete Protection & Durability

Feature Articles

Shear in Discontinuity Regions
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Changes for the ACI 318 Building Code

Repairing Old Concrete at Meridian Hill Park

Exhaustive research resulted in meticulous contract documents and successful repairs

Shear Strength of Structural Walls Subjected to Load Cycles

Study verifies limits specified in the ACI 318 Code

Products & Practice Spotlight: Sustainability Quest Yields Ultra-High-Performance Solution

Mineral components help to reduce the carbon footprint of this new prepackaged mixture

Knowledge to Practice: ACI Foundation

ACI Foundation Celebrates Its Supporters

ACI Officers and Board of Direction Members for 2019-2020

Poston, Kopczynski, and four new Directors elected

ACI’s Award-Winning Papers and Articles

Authors honored at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2019

Who Will Be the Next Superstar(s)?

Mentoring the future generation