May 2022

Concrete Protection & Durability

Feature Articles

F-numbers and Textured Concrete Surface Finishes
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Parking structures and parking lots with swirl and broom finishes

The SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity

Case study of repurposing, repair, and protection

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FRP Reinforced Concrete Around the World, Part 1

Initiatives for acceptance and safe implementation: Brazil, Iran, Italy, and New Zealand

ACI Officers and Board of Direction Members for 2022-2023

Nmai, Paul, and four new Directors elected

Seven Years On: Perception Survey of ACI 318-11 to ACI 318-14 Reorganization

Gauging how users interact with standards can improve future versions

Concrete Q&A: Applicability of Seismic Reduction Factor for Anchor Design and Testing Requirements for Overhead Anchors

Learn more about the seismic reduction factor for anchor design in ACI 318 as well as testing requirements for overhead mechanical or adhesive anchors provided in ACI documents

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