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December 2017

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Dispersion of Fibers in Ultra-High-Performance Concrete
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Suitably proportioned mixtures can be prepared using a drum mixer

Tests show that fiber balling issues can be resolved by adjusting the types, shapes, and sizes of fibers.

Titanium Finds a Home in Civil Engineering
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Providing cost, safety, and durability advantages for rehabilitation projects

Bridge span girders of an overpass near Mosier, OR, were strengthened using titanium near surface mounted bars.

The Strength of Circles

An example of the cost benefits of repetitive precast design

The CoFuFun Plaza in Tenri, Japan, features five discs placed at four different heights, each with concentric stairs that also act as benches and amphitheater seating.

The Challenges of Achieving Compatibility in Concrete Repair

Volume changes, permeability, and electrochemical activity must be reviewed

A discussion of issues regarding compatibility in a concrete repair composite system and its influence on repair durability.