Concrete International

June 2018


Feature Articles

A Capstone Course for Reinforced Concrete Buildings
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Bridging the gap between academia and practice

Developed by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, the coursework introduces students to life in a consulting firm and gives them experience in solving real-world problems.

Concrete Fabricated into Finessed Artwork
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A question-and-answer session with concrete artist David Umemoto

Concrete is formed into works of custom art that simulate intricate infrastructures, landscapes, and monuments.

Insights on Pile Cap Construction

An updated detail for caps on single piles offers significant cost savings

The concept eliminates separate excavation, construction, and backfilling operations.

Working Safely on the Edge

Anchored guardrail post provides a tie-off point

Safety system features positive, threaded anchorage and dedicated D-rings for tie-off points.

Code Advocacy
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