September 2023

Emerging Technologies

Feature Articles

Laser Scanning Basics for Concrete Tolerance Verification

Multiple instruments were compared during a live event

Concrete Tech: Augmented Realities

Three types of tools used by the construction industry

Meet the 2023 Overall Excellence Award Judges

Three-member jury will select the most outstanding project

Leading through Creative Innovation with Regional Materials and Culture

With help from the ACI Foundation and its supporters

Building the Future: ACI Foundation

ACI Foundation Donor Spotlight: Jeffrey Coleman

Tunnel Lining Design, Part 2: Analysis Considerations

Second part of the examination of design and analysis of curved tunnel linings

Undercut Anchors for Seismic Applications

High load capacity and displacement characteristics ensure outstanding performance

Concrete Q&A: Operator Qualifications for Determining F-Numbers

A discussion of necessary training and certifications

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