Concrete International

August 2019

Mixing, Placing & Curing

Feature Articles

Key Changes in the 2019 Edition of the ACI Building Code (ACI 318-19)
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The committee chair summarizes updates in the most recent edition

ACI Committee 318 has completed the technical work for “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-19) and Commentary (ACI 318R-19).” For the present Code cycle, the committee focused on technical changes to improve safety, economy, and sustainability, while introducing new technologies and ideas to advance the concrete industry.

Concrete Placements Exposed to Rain
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Damage types, protection options, and repair methods

Concrete can be exposed to rain at various stages of placements. Being prepared for a rain event allows potential risk to be managed effectively.

The Eco Concrete Competition

Lessons learned by (and from) students

Products & Practice Spotlight: Application-Driven Curing Solutions

Producers must choose curing solutions based on the product

Products & Practice Spotlight: Floating Dry Dock Repaired at Sea

Concrete hull treated with Alchemco’s TechCrete 2500 system

Measuring Concrete Modulus of Elasticity

Summary of testing procedure and tips for technicians