Concrete International Magazine (CI)

April 2017

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Feature Articles

Successful Design of Wet-Mix Shotcrete
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Five common misconceptions and corresponding facts

Corrections for common misconceptions regarding shotcrete, with specific focus on strength, rheological properties, and specifications.

Precast Concrete Pavement Implementation

Projects in Connecticut and Texas demonstrate great potential for repair and rehabilitation

Two applications of precast concrete pavement technology are described—installation of concrete bus pads and rehabilitation of a highway intersection.

A Creative, Functional Upgrade

Self-consolidating concrete facilitated a cost-saving rehabilitation

Computerized Project Management System

A process developed for managing the construction of a precast concrete megaproject in Saudi Arabia remains valid, even after 35 years

Products & Practice Spotlight: Repair of ASR-Damaged Piles

Challenges included limited working space and a crocodile-infested river