Concrete International Magazine (CI)

May 2017

Concrete Protection & Durability

Feature Articles

Bonded Concrete Overlays
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Over 30 years of Swedish research and experiences

Work verifies that a durable bond can be achieved with proper surface preparation, placement, and curing.

Composite Strengthening of a Bridge

Claimed to be world’s first field application of post-tensioned near-surface-mounted carbon fiber reinforced polymer reinforcing

Dynamic load tests show that the stiffness of the span has been improved significantly

Evolution of ACI 562 Code—Part 11

Durability of concrete repair

Chapter 8 of the ACI 562 Code addresses deterioration, equivalent cover, corrosion, and cracking.

Deployment of Composite Reinforcing

Part 1: Impetus for more widespread application in transportation infrastructure

A unified strategy will include development, publication, and sharing of standards and design guides for FRP applications.

Products & Practice Spotlight: Rehabbing Aging Infrastructure

Polyurea coatings and liners provide strong, flexible dampproofing

With proper concrete surface preparation, coatings can be applied over a wide temperature range.

Knowledge to Practice: ACI Foundation

Stehly Memorial Hockey Game Raises Thousands for Student Fellowship

ACI Officers for 2017-2018

Awad, Poston, and four new Directors elected

ACI’s Award-Winning Papers and Articles

Authors honored during The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2017