December 2023

2024 Concrete Product Guide

Feature Articles

Heated Ramp at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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An implementation of conductive concrete deicing technology

Designing Reinforced Concrete Structures for Fire Performance

Research recommends the development of a standardized natural fire model for burnout-resistance design

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2024 Concrete Product & Service Guide

New Joint ACI and ICRI Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet

This document provides a unified and standardized protocol for selecting and specifying cementitious repair materials

“Reasonable Safety” of Existing Structures, Part 2

Limitations: Buildings and their evaluation

Smart Sustainable Concrete Construction

A framework for concrete contractor participation

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Navigating the Road Toward Carbon Neutrality Globally

PCA’s efforts in achieving carbon neutrality

125 Years of ASTM International

ACI members have also assisted in championing safety and standardization

2024 ACI Honors and Awards Program

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Concrete Q&A: Effective Depth of Section with More Than One Layer of Tension Reinforcement

Clarification on how to determine an effective depth for a beam with multiple reinforcement layers

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