July 2024

Floors & Foundations

Feature Articles

A Vertical Garden in Concrete
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In one of the most biodiverse cities, a total-concrete residential building rises above the rooftops

Constructability of Anchor Bolts (Rods) in Foundations

Select nominal bolt length as the design embedment length plus 2 in. for constructability

Performance of Special Boundary Elements Reinforced with Continuously Wound Ties

Research on the use of continuously wound ties in comparison to conventional ties

Concrete Community Assembles in New Orleans

Highlights of the ACI Concrete Convention - Spring 2024

ACI Board Committee Members Thanked

ACI thanks these members that have ended terms on Standing Board Committees

Building the Future: ACI Foundation

ACI Foundation now accepting fellowship and scholarship applications

PRO Advancing Productivity

A call for advancing concrete construction productivity

Concrete Q&A: Designing a Foundation for an LNG Tank

Examining the ACI 376 provisions for designing a pile foundation to support a liquefied natural gas tank

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