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October 2017


Feature Articles

Precast Concrete Pavement Innovations
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Technical considerations related to design, fabrication, and installation

System can be used for full-depth replacement of small or large areas of concrete or HMA pavements.

Banding Together to Reach Out
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Teamwork and post-tensioning result in 40 ft cantilevers in the Novartis Radiation Oncology Building

Columns were set back significantly from the façade to provide a perimeter band of column-free workspaces with maximal views of the surrounding landscape.

Integrating Precast Cladding and Structure

Benefits include efficiencies in cost and schedule

After an earthquake, unbonded post-tensioning tendons will pull the building frames back to a righted position.

Analysis and Design of Double-T Flanges

Comparisons show the need for reconsideration of design requirements for concentrated loadings

Current recommendations for load-spread values don’t compare well with solutions based on elastic plate theory.

ACI Chapters are Pivotal to ACI’s Mission

Acknowledging ACI members who carry out Institute goals worldwide

The author reflects on his tenure as ACI’s 93rd President and on the importance chapters play in helping the Institute fulfill its mission.

Dangers of Silica Dust

The only real way to treat silicosis is to avoid breathing the dust

Vacuum dust collection systems and water-delivery systems are recommended to protect workers.