June 2024


Feature Articles

Wave-Inspired High-Rise Channels Coastal Spirit
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Doka formwork helps to create new addition to the Miami skyline

Fortera's First Industrial Green Cement Plant

ReCarb technology is a cost-effective way to lower the carbon footprint of cement and concrete

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Visual Inspection of Architectural Concrete Surface Appearance

Commentary on current concrete industry practice

A Lower Bound to the Shear Strength of RC Beams and One-Way Members without Shear Reinforcement

A review of field evidence, available test data, and a simple mechanical construct

ACI Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships for 2024-2025

Twenty-nine fellowships and 15 scholarships were awarded to students from 35 different institutions

Building the Future: ACI Foundation

ACI Foundation funds eight new research projects

NEU news

NEU state-of-the-art survey: Pioneering pathways to reduced-carbon concrete

Concrete Q&A: Measuring Flatness of Elevated Floors

Clarifying requirements and limits for measuring the flatness of suspended slabs

Concrete International