December 2021

Concrete Product & Service Guide

Feature Articles

Shape Memory Technology, Part 1

Introduction: A vision for the future of concrete construction

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Concrete Product & Service Guide

A list of companies that make industry products and associations and firms that provide industry services

2022 ACI Honors and Awards Program

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State and Local Advocacy Efforts

Educating and building relationships on the local level

Asian Concrete Federation Webinar on UHPC

A summary of the presentations from the first ACF webinar on ultra-high-performance concrete

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NIBS Convenes Built Environment Leaders for Social Equity Roundtable

Findings from the executive social equity roundtable held by the National Institute of Building Sciences in 2021

Parking Garage Fires Revisited

Standards for use in building parking garages to withstand significant fire events

Concrete Q&A: Synthetic Air-Entraining Admixtures and Air Content Requirements/Recommendations

Existing industry standards do not fully recognize the unique properties of alternate air-entraining admixtures

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