Concrete International Magazine (CI)

September 2016

Design & Management Technologies

Feature Articles

Precast Concrete H-shaped Frames in Pipe Rack Structures
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The new structures are critical components in the Coke “A” Unit at the La Plata Refinery

An innovative methodology provides rigid connections in two perpendicular directions, minimizing on-site concrete placement.

The New NY Bridge Construction

Concrete production, testing, and evaluation

Concrete production and concrete quality organization, as well as oversight testing and evaluation, are essential for ensuring a 100-year service life.

Contactless System for Continuous Monitoring of Early-Age Concrete Properties

Study shows that final setting time can be determined using an air-coupled ultrasonic testing approach

Maturity-Based Strength Predictions

Selection of input parameters impacts accuracy

Knowledge to Practice: ACI Foundation

Research project looks to improve upon steady foundation

Notable Concrete in Philadelphia

Examples of concrete construction projects in the vicinity

Awards at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2016

Recipients to be honored at the Opening Session in Philadelphia

Evolution of ACI 562 Code—Part 7

Interface bond between existing concrete and repair materials