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June 2017


Feature Articles

The Franklin Avenue Bridge
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Part 1: History, investigation, and rehabilitation

Based on a comprehensive investigation, consultants developed a rehabilitation program to address aesthetic, functional, and durability issues for an historic arch bridge.

Role of Rheology in Achieving Successful Concrete Performance

Properties must be balanced to manage segregation, surface finish, pumping pressure, or formwork pressure

This introduction to concrete rheology provides insights into how rheological properties relate to mixture design, quality control, and fresh concrete properties in the field.

Inspecting Adhesive Anchors

Essential items to observe before, during, and after the installation

Guidance is provided for inspectors of new installations as well as for engineers and inspectors evaluating existing adhesive anchor anchorages.

ACI University in the Classroom

University coursework can be enhanced by the inclusion of an ACI University certificate program

As students learn about ACI and earn resume-enhancing certificates, professors spend less time grading.

Classroom Demonstrations Demonstrated

Active learning with physical and virtual models

A brief review of the learning approaches explored in a session held at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2017, in Detroit, MI.