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January 2018

Admixtures & Cementitious Materials

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Racing Towards a Green Future
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First use of self-consolidating magnesium silicate concrete for the runners of a racing toboggan

The team from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, was the overall winner of the 2017 Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race.

Field Application of Nonproprietary Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

Experiences gained and lessons learned

Hot ambient conditions created challenges in maintaining flowability and minimizing evaporation.

The Rheology of Control Flow Concrete

Decreasing labor demand and time for concrete placement

A new family of admixtures enables the production of concrete that flows more readily than conventional concrete, but has the same segregation resistance.

2017 Concrete Society Awards for Excellence in Concrete

Queensferry Crossing was the overall winne

Durability was a key feature for the exposed concrete and the splash zones of the towers for the Queensferry Crossing, Forth Replacement Crossing, Rosyth, Scotland, the world’s longest three-tower cable-stayed bridge.