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March 2020

Decorative & Architectural Concrete

Feature Articles

An Awe-Inspiring Place
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Sydney’s Punchbowl Mosque showcases the architectural flexibility of concrete

Thank You CI Advertisers

Designing Underground Building Structures

Proposed load factors to make AASHTO loadings compatible with IBC design requirements

Concrete Polishing Council Position Statement #5

Effects of Slab-Surface Finish Density on Polished Concrete

ACI’s New Fellows

Members to be awarded at the ACI Concrete Convention – Spring 2020

ACI’s River of Knowledge

Highlights of the ACI Concrete Convention – Fall 2019

Purpose and Pitfalls of Submittals and Shop Drawings

Careful attention is needed in the submission, review, and approval process

ACI Foundation: Knowledge to Practice

Thank you to our donors for a successful 2019 Fall Campaign!

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