Concrete International Magazine (CI)

January 2017

Admixtures & Cementitious Materials

Feature Articles

A Minimum Flexural Reinforcement Puzzle
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Code requirements need to be updated

Expressions should include the effects of concrete strength, and expressions for lower strength reinforcement should be abandoned.

Fly Ash Concrete with Low Portland Cement Content

Evaluating setting time and 1-day compressive strength

Chemical admixtures can be used to overcome retarded setting and strength development in concrete with a high volume of fly ash.

2016 Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Awards

Four plants recognized by PCI for excellence in manufacturing of architectural precast concrete

From Research to Reality

A panel discussion on performance-based specifications

Performance-based specifications have great potential as alternatives to prescriptive specifications.

Products & Practice Spotlight: Solving the Slab Moisture Issue

Use of sodium silicate in concrete

C-S-H gel formed during the reaction of sodium silica with calcium hydroxide and free water provides significant benefits.

The Concrete Society Awards for 2016

Lee Tunnel Project helps create a cleaner environment for London