September 2023

Precast/Prestressed & Post-Tensioned

Feature Articles

A New Way to Predict Creep and Shrinkage
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An ACI Foundation-funded research project

Riverworks at Eastern Wharf Fire Repair

A case study in Savannah, GA, USA

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Bulbous Space Curves in Concrete

The architecture of Rubenstein Commons features undulating passageways of precast panels

Awards at the ACI Concrete Convention – Fall 2023

ACI will recognize several individuals for their achievements and service to the Institute

NEx insights

FRP Composites in the Face of Fire: Insights from Research and Industry

Building the Future: ACI Foundation

Attend the CIC-hosted Technical Session at the next ACI Concrete Convention

ASCC Position Statement #47: Considerations for Deferred Submittals

ASCC examines the impact of deferred submittals on construction

Building Code Compliance of Alternative Applications Case Study

Twisted steel micro reinforcement in concrete

Improving Customer Service through AI

How concrete producers can benefit

Concrete International