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Discussions are open to anyone who has significant comments or questions regarding the contents of a published ACI Journal manuscript

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Editorial Board

W. Jason Weiss, Editor-in-Chief
Oregon State University

Zachary C. Grasley
Texas A&M University

Maria C. G. Juenger
University of Texas at Austin

Kamal H. Khayat
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Michael D. A. Thomas
University of New Brunswick


ACI Board of Direction


Jeffrey W. Coleman

Vice Presidents

Cary Kopczynski

Charles K. Nmai


Scott M. Anderson

Heather J. Brown

Mark A. Cheek

Walter H. Flood IV

G. Terry Harris

Maria G. Juenger

Michael E. Kreger

Kimberly E. Kurtis

Ishita Manjrekar

Michael J. Paul

W. Jason Weiss

Michelle L. Wilson

Past President Board Members

Randall W. Poston

David A. Lange

Khaled Awad

Executive Vice President

Ron Burg




John C. Glumb

Managing Editor

Lauren E. Mentz

Associate Editor

Kelly D. Dudley


Hannah E. Genig

Kaitlyn J. Dobberteen

Tiesha Elam

Angela R. Matthews

Kelli R. Slayden

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