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ACI recently asked ACI certified individuals, "How has being ACI certified helped you on the job site?"

"Having ACI field testing technician and PCI level 2 certifications qualified me for my current position."
Zackery S.

"By knowing ACI standards, I can tell if a contractor is obeying correct concrete testing procedures. Without ACI certification, I am unable to work; it is required."
Angela P.

"The training has helped in progressing my career as a tester and as an aid in troubleshooting possible problems."
Wyatt N.

"Everyone knows I am ACI certified and never questions my results."
Allen M.

"Sampling concrete is something I do each week. This certificate helped get me into the inspections industry and led the way for my ICC reinforced and post-tensioning certifications."
Aaron B.

"ACI is one of the only organizations I know of that can certify personnel in specific test methods. This is very valuable in maintaining nationally-recognized accreditations that are required to work on various projects, especially public works projects. If we did not have ACI certifications, it would be much more difficult to maintain these accreditations..."

Jessica H.

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