International Agreements

ACI has fostered closer and more formal relations with many international concrete organizations by signing international agreements. Each agreement is tailored to the particular relationship and identified common interests, outlines a mutual understanding, and defines areas of cooperation between the organizations.

Signing an international agreement increases collaboration and cooperation between organizations for the purpose of improving concrete construction by making the technical expertise of each organization available to the other through publications, meetings, conferences, internet links, committee membership, certification activities, and any other activity as mutually agreed.

ACI Strengthens its relationship with the international concrete community through participation in international events, expansion and support of international Chapters, and signing collaborative agreements with key concrete-related organizations around the world.

An international agreement between concrete-related organizations who are committed to cooperation, coordination, and collaboration is a critical step in the effort to develop a worldwide unified concrete community of equal partners.

The American Concrete Institute is proud to have signed agreements with the following international organizations:

International Forum

This session, held at every ACI Convention and moderated by an ACI Vice President, provides an opportunity to learn about other international organizations and their activities, upcoming publications and events, and how ACI is working with its International Partners in the common pursuit of advancing concrete knowledge.

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International Concrete Abstracts Portal

ACI invites International Partners to share their concrete knowledge by providing access to their concrete-related resources through the International Concrete Abstracts Portal. Concrete researchers around the world will benefit from the comprehensive information shared on the Portal.