Four Steps To Get Certified


1. Find The Program You Need

View the full list of certification programs ACI offers to determine which one (or more!) you wish to complete.  Each program lists the required knowledge and/or work experience.


2. Find A Training/Testing Location Near You

Find one of more than 100 testing locations convenient for you.  Sign up for the program to schedule your exam.  


3. Prepare

Access study material from your local testing center, or through ACI workbooks and ACI online training. Be sure to fill out any required forms if necessary before your exam.


4. Take Exam

ACI will contact you once your exam has been graded. In the meantime, be proud that you have taken steps to earn one of the concrete industry’s most popular certifications.


Why Get Certified?

“ACI certification helps me stay aware of concrete material characteristics, in-turn making me able to...

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Find a Testing Center

Find one of more than 100 testing locations convenient for you to schedule your certification exam.  

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Veterans Rebate Program

U.S. military veterans are eligible to earn a $250 rebate when obtaining an ACI Certification through one of our 130+ Certification Sponsoring Groups.

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