FRP Composites Competition

ACI FRP Composites Competition

Registration Now Closed


These are the challenges in this competition:

    • Design, construct, and test a concrete structure reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement to achieve the lowest cost-load ratio. Cost is defined as the calculated batch cost for concrete materials and chemical admixtures plus the cost of the FRP used to reinforce the structure; adjusted for forming costs for more complicated geometries and reduced by credits given for implementation of sustainable design concepts.
    • Predict the ultimate load.
    • Predict the load that will result in a piston deflection of 3.5 mm (0.14 in.).
    • Registration opens on November 28, 2016. Comply with the contest rules. The completed Advance Registration Form is due February 1, 2017. The Official Mix and Cost Form, and a diagram showing placement and dimensions of all FRP reinforcing materials must be received by March 1, 2017 11:59 p.m. EST.


Prizes will be awarded in the following manner:

    • First, Second, and Third Prizes will be awarded to the teams in each of two structure type categories (TYPE 1 and TYPE 2), using the evaluation process defined in Paragraph 5. First Prize will be awarded $750, with $500 for Second Prize and $250 for Third Prize.
    • Each school may only enter one team in each structure type category.
    • First-, second-, and third-place entries will also be awarded a certificate of recognition, recognition on ACI's website, and will be recognized in Concrete International magazine if space allows.



Please check back for FRP Composites official rules.