Professors’ Workshop


July 15 (virtual)

July 23 & 24 (in-person)

ACI World Headquarters
Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Price: $395

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The Professors’ Workshop Travel Stipend Program provides a limited number of travel stipends up to $600 USD, to cover travel expenses associated with attending the Professors’ Workshop at ACI World Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. Applications received before June 1, 2024 will be given top priority.


The 2024 Professors’ Workshop will be held on July 15 (virtual portion) and July 23 & 24 at ACI Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. Prominent, nationally known faculty and industry representatives have developed these concrete related presentations and resources to assist professors in preparing a new course or fine-tuning their concrete-related courses. The workshop format is designed to involve the participants to the greatest extent possible and to demonstrate the application of inverted (or flipped) classroom practices.

The first stage of the workshop is composed of a series of asynchronous presentations that you work through at your own pace on ACI University. These presentations will be punctuated with quizzes and assignments to help you effectively engage with the material; this is much the same approach as is commonly used in a flipped classroom. The presentations are designed to be both informational and preparatory. You’ll be able to immediately implement the resources and teaching techniques into your classroom preparation as you work through the asynchronous material. In addition, many of the assignments associated with the presentations are intended to prepare you for interactive face-to-face sessions during the in-person portion of the workshop.

The second phase is a synchronous online one-day meeting on July 15 which will contain presentations and discussion sessions to help you finalize preparation for the F2F meeting.

The third and final phase will be a face-to-face event held at ACI Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI on July 23 and 24. The participants will be expected to arrive having completed the asynchronous activities and assessments. While there will be a few lecture style presentations, much of the event will be hands-on active learning sessions to experience these approaches from the student perspective along with guided breakout sessions to brainstorm and develop ideas for their own classroom. We will also hold a panel discussion and social hour in which the participants will have a chance to ask questions in an informal setting. The goal is to leave the workshop with well-formed ideas for immediate use in their classrooms.

2024 TOPICS (final schedule coming soon)

    • Introduction to Concrete
    • Active Learning in the Virtual Classroom
    • Concrete Repair
    • Pavements – What to Teach and How
    • Hardened Properties and Durability
    • Resources for Teaching Concrete
    • Teaching Concrete Durability to Undergraduate Engineers
    • Fresh Concrete Properties, Placing and Finishing Concrete
    • Models for Teaching Structural Concrete
    • Teaching Concrete Design: Visualizing Systems and Behaviors
    • Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Cement and Concrete Materials Science
    • Developing effective laboratory modules
    • Including diversity, equity, and inclusion topics in your concrete class
    • Using calculation worksheets to teach concrete design
    • Using calculation worksheets and full-scale detailing in the classroom
    • Attendees will participate in classroom-suitable testing activity
    • Presentation of lab and worksheet module ideas developed by attendees during workshop
    • Tutorial on developing class notes using ACI 318 PLUS platform

ACI Faculty Network

The ACI Faculty Network is a free connection group for educators to encourage and support student interest in concrete engineering and construction through dissemination of educational, scholarship, and research information. 

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