Resources for Building Code Officials

These free presentations share insight on inspecting cast-in-place concrete, minimum requirements for concrete repair, and more -- specifically curated to the needs of building code officials.

Code Requirements for Sampling, Testing, and Inspecting Structural Cast-in-Place Concrete

This recorded webinar provides basic information about requirements for cast-in-place concrete. Due to the considerable changes used in cast-in-place concrete, design requirements, and construction method, it is now more important than ever to ensure that sampling, testing, and special inspection are done properly. It is important for the official to understand the importance of proper procedures and the requirements for agencies to employ qualified personnel.

Structural Concrete Repair for Building Officials

This recorded webinar provides an overview of structural concrete repair, discusses minimum requirements, and identifies benefits of an industry-based standard to the code official responsible for review, approval, and oversight of repairs to structural concrete. Given the complexity of and need for safe, durable concrete structural repairs, it is imperative that the design professional work closely with the owner and code officials to ensure proper assessment of an existing structure and to choose appropriate methods and materials.

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