ACI Members now have immediate, digital access to ACI’s 200+ guides and reports. Members are engaged, informed, and stay up-to-date by taking advantage of this and many other benefits ACI membership provides.


With 30,000 members in more than 100 countries, ACI is the premier, global community dedicated to the best use of concrete. With enhanced benefits, ACI membership provides information on engineering and construction practices worldwide, and provides you with the chance to save time and money while increasing your productivity and competitiveness.

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Benefits of Membership


The ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Standards, & Practices (formerly the Manual of Concrete Practice)

The ACI Collection contains the most comprehensive collection of the widely-used ACI concrete and masonry requirements, specifications, guides, and reports. Organizational members receive a complimentary copy of the entire ACI Collection annually, and Sustaining members receive both the hard copy and the USB. All Individual, Young Professional, and Student members receive free digital access to the Institute's practices, which contain 200+ Guides and Reports. Watch video tutorial.

New ACI Publications

Sustaining Members receive a copy of every new ACI publication.

ACI University Tokens

Members receive ACI University tokens for use on select on-demand online learning courses. How does this work?

Concrete International

Individual members receive a printed copy of ACI's monthly magazine offering timely and practical how-to reports on concrete design and construction. Members also enjoy full access to a searchable online archive of all past issues.

Technical Journals

Members will receive the electronic versions of the ACI Structural Journal & the ACI Materials Journal. Members have the added benefit of fully searchable access to all archived articles appearing in past issues of the journals.


Local ACI Chapters

More than 100 ACI chapters are located across the globe and offer a great opportunity to get involved in the concrete community at a local level.

Career Center

ACI members looking to land the right job in the concrete industry can search targeted job postings in ACI's Online Career Center. Employers seeking highly qualified applicants-ranging from entry-level to CEO to every job classification in between-can advertise in the Career Center.

Member Directory

Connect with other ACI members through the Member Directory to find business contacts, partners, and like-minded peers.

Two Annual Conventions

ACI members save more and can attend at the low member rate!

Technical Committees

ACI members can take part in the development of the ACI codes, standards, and reports that are the most widely accepted concrete construction documents in use today.

Social Networks

Keep up-to-date with the latest from ACI and connect with others interested in all things concrete through ACI's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and Smartbrief.


ACI's Codes & Specifications

Individual, Young Professional, and Student members receive a substantial discount to add digital access to ACI’s codes and specifications, plus historic versions, which includes all of ACI’s 50 active codes and specifications on structural, environmental, residential, repair, and more.

ACI University Subscription

Members have discounted access to the new, annual subscription of ACI University’s monthly webinars and on-demand courses.

Significant Discount in the ACI Store

ACI members save on the purchase of committee documents, Special and Symposium Publications, certification workbooks, webinars, online learning, and more.

Discount rate for group insurance and automobile rental

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Types of Membership

Individual $249 per year
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Young Professional $124 per year
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Student Free
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Organizational $1,100 per year
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Sustaining $3,800 per year
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ACI Career Center

ACI members looking to land the right job in the concrete industry can search targeted job postings in ACI's Online Career Center

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