ACI Journal Manuscript Submission

Initial Manuscript Submission

Submission of a manuscript to ACI implies that it represents original, unpublished work, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the author intends to transfer copyright to ACI. 

ACI uses the ScholarOne Manuscripts services to manage the journal paper peer review process. Go to the website and log in. If you are not a registered user, you must register to use the site. This site is not a part of ACI, so your ACI user id and password will not work there. Before submitting your paper, please make sure that it meets the formatting requirements. If the paper does not meet the requirements, staff will send it back for modification. Enter the Author Center on ScholarOne and click on the link to submit a new manuscript. Answer all of the questions and click submit. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission.

In case of difficulties with online manuscript submission, please use the "Get Help Now" link found on ScholarOne Manuscripts.


Final Manuscript Submission

After the manuscript has been approved for publication, please refer to and complete the author's Final Submission Checklist.

The final electronic version must follow all formatting requirements of the Initial Submission.

E-mail the following final materials to


Copyright Transfer Requirement

By the terms of United States Copyright Law, ACI must obtain a Copyright Transfer Agreement, completed and signed by all authors. The signed agreement must be in ACI's possession before the manuscript is processed for publication.

Signatures from different authors can be provided separately and can be typed and confirmed by e-mail.

If you would like to submit the copyright transfer agreement form electronically, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat program. Complete each field and type your name in the signature line. Do a "save as", and rename the PDF. Email the renamed PDF file to us. Once you type your name in the signature line, you must then state in the e-mail that you typed your name in the agreement, and are thereby accepting the terms of the agreement.


Discussion & Closure Submission

Discussions - A discussion, not exceeding 1800-word equivalents, must be submitted within 4 months after the date of publication of the manuscript. Discussion manuscripts follow the requirements for other manuscripts except that they do not have abstracts, introductions, or conclusions. Numbering of additional references, figures, tables, and equations should follow sequentially from the original manuscript throughout the discussion. The discusser must indicate the month, year, volume number, issue number, authors' names, and manuscript number of the original manuscript.

Closures - When discussions are received and approved for publication, the author(s) of the original manuscript is asked to prepare a closure, i.e., a response, that provides clarification of and responses to the points raised in the discussions. A closure responding to a single discussion should not exceed 1800-word equivalents in length, and to multiple discussions, approximately 1/2 of the combined lengths of all discussions. Closures are published together with the discussions. Numbering of additional references, figures, tables, and equations should follow sequentially from the original manuscript throughout the discussion(s) and closure.

Errata - If an error appears in print that is serious enough to impair understanding or mislead readers, the author(s) should prepare a correction, which will be published in hard copy and incorporated into the Web version of the paper.

E-mail discussions, closures, and errata to The following information should be included:

    • Title of manuscript for which the discussion, closure, or errata is being submitted
    • Complete names, affiliations, postal addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all authors


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:
Angela Matthews
American Concrete Institute

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