ACI Competition Travel Stipend Program

Under this program, the American Concrete Institute will provide a travel stipend to university teams based on merit who satisfy the judging criteria. The purpose of the travel stipend is to partially offset costs associated with traveling to the ACI Convention. The university team may only apply for one competition per calendar year.


    • Any accredited university with a 2-4-year engineering or construction degree program.
    • Students must be enrolled as undergraduates at the time of the competition.
    • The team must have participated in a local concrete competition within the past 18 months prior to the ACI Convention.
    • Teams without previous participation in a local concrete competition or ACI competition will be entered in a random drawing for a chance to win a travel stipend.
    • The team must not have received any financial assistance from ACI within 3 years prior to the ACI Convention.
    • The faculty advisor must be a member of the ACI Faculty Network.
    • The participating team members must be active ACI Student Members.
    • International students must be able to obtain a Travel VISA.

Supporting Documents

  1. The team is required to include a PowerPoint presentation with the application summarizing the team’s participation in a local/regional concrete competition including photos of the team members, photos of the project, and explanation of the design process.
  2. The team is required to submit a list of the universities that participated in the local/regional concrete competition along with the placements of the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place, Act...) and the date of the competition, location, time, competition organizer, competition contact person, and list of competition sponsors.
  3. The team is required to include a 250-word statement about why the team would like to participate in an ACI Competition. Explain what challenges have prevented the team from participating in the past and state how participation will benefit the team and the university.
  4. The team must obtain a letter of support from the local ACI Chapter or ACI International Partner.
  5. The team may be asked to give a 5-7-minute oral presentation during the ACI Student Forum at the ACI Convention.

Stipend Amount

Travel Stipends will not exceed $5,000 USD per team. The amount awarded to the teams will vary based on need. The travel stipend will be made available via wire transfer directly to the local ACI Chapter, the university, or faculty advisor 2-3 months prior to the competition.


The application deadline has passed.

Upcoming Competitions

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Kanette Worlds Student, Faculty & Young Professional Activities Coordinator

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