Technical Cooperation Program

The ACI Technical Cooperation Program is provided to harmonize ACI technical expertise globally and to create, strengthen and solidify ACI relations with technical societies, international partners and international chapters around the world.

This program sponsors leading experts from ACI to participate and liaison in an international technical committee. This representative will act on behalf of ACI to support the international committee and return knowledge gained to their supporting and related committees.

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Travel Support - Description of Criteria

ACI Technical Cooperation Representatives

August 14, 2017 Version 3.0


This program has been developed to facilitate the exchange of technical information between ACI technical committees and committees of concrete codes and standards development organizations (SDOs) external to the United States. Priority will be given to applications indicating efforts integrating necessary technical considerations and concepts to facilitate the adoption and use of ACI codes, standard, guides and programs in countries outside the US.

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ACI Members, who are full members of an ACI Technical Committee and have an interest in working cooperatively with an external technical organization that is developing technical recommendations for analysis, design and construction with concrete, are eligible for support. Prior interaction with the technical organization of interest would be useful, but is not necessary. Applications must include the title of the committee, commission, task group or working group with whom you propose to cooperate and share technical information.

Level of Travel Support:

Participants are eligible to receive a maximum of $3000 per trip and $4000 per year in travel support for attending technical meetings of the non-US technical organization of interest. In 2018 and 2019, ACI is planning to support up to eight Technical Cooperation Representative per calendar year.

Reporting Requirements:

Within 45 days after attendance at a technical meeting of the non-US technical organization, the ACI Technical Cooperation Representative will provide a short-written summary of topics covered and significant technical developments, and shall make a short oral presentation to related ACI Technical Committee(s) during the next scheduled meeting of those committees.

Limitations and Restrictions:

Even though they are not official representatives of ACI, Technical Coordination Representatives should, to the best of their ability, represent the views and activities of related ACI Technical Committee(s). They are allowed to deviate from a committee’s position on a technical topic and can express their personal opinions. However, in all oral and written communications, they should be clear whether such statements represent a consensus view from a related ACI technical committee or are their own opinion.

Reporting Travel Expenses:

Within 30 days of completing his/her travel, an ACI travel reimbursement form must be completed and submitted, with appropriate receipts, to the CSAO secretary. The Technical Coordination Representative will be provided access to a travel reimbursement form once notified of approval to be a participant in this program.

Application Submittals:

Applications must be submitted to the Codes and Standards Advocacy and Outreach Committee at least 60 days prior to the start of the ACI Spring or Fall Conventions.

Exception: In the inaugural year (2018), applications should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the intended activity.

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