Specifiers & Owners

Require ACI-certified personnel on your jobs.

Many local, state, national, and international building codes, specifications, and agencies require ACI certification, and having these people on the job will help get the work done right.

ACI provides you with the resources you need:


New! Download the ACI Certification Verify app in the Apple App Store and Google Play to quickly and easily verify the status of ACI-certified individuals through three search options: (1) verify an individual’s certification ID number, (2) search by an individual’s name, and (3) find the total number of ACI-certified individuals in an area. This new tool is designed for the jobsite, adding value to those working in the field.

Sample Spec Language

ACI offers sample language to use in job specifications for requiring ACI certified personnel.

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Verify Certification

Check a certification through the ACI Certification Verify app or the ACI website to ensure all requirements are up-to-date.

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