Sponsoring Group Resources

The information listed and accessible in the Sponsor Group Resources section are intended for use by ACI Certification Sponsoring Groups in conducting the ACI Certification programs in their areas.

This information is updated regularly as ACI Certification programs are continually improved to provide the most effective, fair, and equitable personnel credentials for the concrete construction industry.

Sponsoring Group Home

Your Sponsoring Group's Home page allows you to update Committee Members, Examiners and certification programs. Access your group's roster, email functionality and more.

Program Policies

Access the current version of the Program Policies for all ACI Certification programs.

Quality Review Program

The intent of this program is to assist Sponsoring Groups in administering the most effective, fair, and consistent certification examination session possible; ensures that ACI's policies are upheld; and strengthen the credibility of the program through quality reviews and constructive feedback. For more information contact the ACI Certification Department at ACI.Certification@concrete.org.

Sponsoring Group Administration

Primary and Secondary Contacts can change the information displayed on the ACI website for their Sponsoring Group.

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