Eco Concrete Questions

ACI Eco Concrete Competition Questions

Q: Is it possible to get a Calculation Tool file in the US system of units (lbs, ft, etc) for  the Eco Concrete student competition?

A: It was decided we would standardize the use of SI units, as accommodating dual units has imposed quite a challenge (especially for prices per ton, and for cost relative to concrete volume).  In addition, the US metric is not defined for the environmental impact assessment, such as ecotoxicity and carcinogenic. To keep it constant, we went for the SI metrics.

Q: Can 1 team from the same school participate in both student competitions in Spring 2019, Quebec, Canada?

A: Yes! EcoConcrete requires a minimum of 1 team member be present at the competition and Mortar Workability requires 2 team members be present at the competition.  Thus, as  long as 3 team members can attend the competition in Canada, you may participate in both.  The entire team members who make up each team for Eco & Mortar may be alike.

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