ACI Concrete Projects Competition


Sponsored by ACI Committee S801, Student Activities Committee


Projects are invited from undergraduate students. The student must be an undergraduate during the previous school year and have an ACI Student Membership.


First, Second, and Third place entries will each be awarded a certificate of recognition, will be recognized in Concrete International magazine if space allows, and will be recognized on ACI's website. In addition, the First Place submission will receive a $750 award, the Second Place submission will receive $500, and the Third Place submission will receive $250.


These projects can include computer programs, term papers, student activities, senior design projects, and/or special projects. The project can have no more than two undergraduate student authors and must focus on concrete design, material, and/or construction.

The project is to be reported in the form of a paper or presentation. The work must contain a Problem Statement or Statement of Research Significance, a Conclusion, and a List of References.

The student(s) shall submit two copies of this report, electronically, in PDF format. All submissions must be in the English language. One copy shall be signed by the student and the faculty advisor and must include the student's contact information including mailing address and email address, along with the ACI Member Number for both the student and faculty advisor. The second copy shall have no identification of the student or the university (this copy will be used for judging). Both electronic files should be named the same, with "clear" being added to the name for the copy with no identification.

The project submission deadline is May 31, 2022

Upon successful submission, a confirmation of receipt will be sent. Failure to receive a confirmation of receipt indicates that the submission was not received. Judging will follow with an announcement of results made to those submitting by the end of July.

Submit completed projects to, or for more information contact:

Rachel Belcher
American Concrete Institute
38800 Country Club Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331