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ACI asked users of ACI 318 PLUS for their feedback on the digital subscription platform:

"Having the option of using ACI 318 PLUS has been a welcome addition to my daily workflow, especially when working remotely. The ease with which the document can be navigated, the quick links to term definitions and relevant cross references, and the ability to immediately access reference articles is a big improvement. I find myself digging into the commentary and associated research papers much more than before, benefiting both my current projects and personal body of knowledge. I would definitely recommend ACI 318 PLUS."

- Jason A. Thome, PE, SE, MBA

“I had thought that ACI 318 PLUS would be a great tool for practitioners, but it is even a better one for faculty and students. Take for example the provisions on concrete shear strength that changed in the 2019 edition of the code. Being able to read with a click of a button the references that provide the rationale for this change is an invaluable resource for the understanding of the science behind it. And, equally important, the opportunity to see with another click of a button the video by Dr. Robert Frosch offers via clear examples the explanation of the implications of this change.”

- Antonio Nanni, PhD, PE

“On April 27th we had a zoom meeting set up between 318T committee members and the chair of 318H to resolve and discuss a change proposal. Meeting attendees were Dr. Sharon Wood, Dr. Andrea Schokker, Greg Zeisler, Rashid Ahmed and me. During the meeting Dr. Wood referenced a research paper which she shared on her screen that shed light on the reasoning behind the code language. She enthusiastically explained that she was able to do this by using a ACI 318 PLUS hyperlink. Since then, I have accessed the product and started using it. ACI 318 PLUS became my “one stop shop” to navigate reference papers and other ACI documents through its hyperlinks. The video excerpts from ACI university courses including the 3D graphics makes this document a library of knowledge and a great educational tool. I have used the graphics to better understand and explain reinforcing detailing to engineers, modelers, and contractors alike. The videos are a great educational tool for all levels of engineers from students to experts.”

- Joe Ferzli, PE, SE

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