Eco Concrete Competition

ACI ECO Concrete Competition

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To follow the current orientation of the concrete industry, this student competition aims to promote the idea of environmental performance in concrete mixture design as an important aspect of sustainability. Teams thus have the mission to develop an innovative concrete mixture, which will have the lowest possible environmental impacts while maintaining optimal mechanical and durability performances. To achieve this goal, teams are encouraged to seek out and use local resources of concrete materials such as supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), alternative SCMs, fillers, recycled and alternative aggregates, and other environmentally friendly materials.

After designing their concrete mixture, teams are asked to perform a simplified life-cycle assessment (LCA) and present their results in a written report and a poster. The format of this report is inspired by an environmental product declaration document, which is favored by the industry to communicate the environmental footprint of products.

In addition to the report, teams shall prepare five concrete cylinders of their alternative-case scenario—three of which to be tested prior to the convention competition for mechanical (compressive strength testing) and two of which will be submitted for durability (resistivity testing) performance at the convention competition. At the competition, teams will also have to present a poster of their innovative concrete to the audience and judges, with an emphasis on the environmental aspect considered in their mixture design.

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The use of recycled aggregates and/or alternative supplementary cementitious materials combined with the quality of the written report, environmental score from the simplified life-cycle assessment, and the results of the hardened tests will be the parameters in determining the winners. First-, second-, and third-place entries will each be awarded a certificate of recognition and will be recognized on the ACI website as well as in Concrete International magazine if space allows. In addition, the first-place team will receive a $750 award, the second-place team will receive $500, and the third-place team will receive $250. Winners will not be announced and prizes will not be awarded until the student lunch on Monday following the competition.


For Eco Concrete Competition official rules, click here.