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Concrete with Recycled Materials (ACI Fall 2022, Dallas, TX) Concrete is the most widely used construction material on earth (30 billion tonnes used in 2021). Aggregates occupy most of its volume, nearly 60-90% of total concrete. However, aggregate production and transportation contribute to significant disturbance to the ecological system and depletion of natural resources. Hence, substituting the aggregates with waste and recycled components not only conserves natural resources but also lowers the carbon footprint of virgin concrete. Thus, this study investigates the applicability of using poraver, an aggregate made of 100% post-consumer recycled glass, for preparing lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete (LWGFRC). In this experiemntal program, three types of concrete mixes were produced using 0%, 50%, and 100% poraver as sand replacement. The physical properties, such as density, water absorption, and porosity, the mechanical properties for example compressive strength, flexural strength, and splitting tensile strength, and the cyclic freeze thaw durability property were determined. Results of this study indicated that it is possible to produce GFRC with 30% less weight using poraver without compromising the mechanical and durability properties. Since GFRC is primarily used for architectural cladding panels, reducing its weight is further beneficial. This study provides a promising view to develop an eco-friendly and cost-effective LWGFRC using recycled glass as a sand replacement.

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June 5 - 11

Application of Advanced X-ray Techniques in Durability Design of Concrete Systems
Presented by: Mehdi Khanzadeh Moradllo, Oregon State University

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Current Practices for Advanced Analysis Techniques of Concrete (ACI Fall 2022, Dallas, TX) The durability of concrete in different environments is still a topic of continuing interest due to its scientific complexity and economic impact. This presentation discusses the important role of advanced X-ray imaging techniques in a deeper understanding of the deterioration mechanisms in concrete materials at a microstructural level. Additionally, it highlights how the micro-scale study of concrete materials enables us to manipulate and tailor the microstructure of materials. This opens up tremendous opportunities in developing high-performance and novel concrete materials.

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