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Textile Reinforced Cement Composites ‐ New Applications and Repair Materials (ACI Spring 2020 Convention, Virtual Sessions) The work at hand describes the influence of the bond properties between carbon textile reinforcement and strainhardening cement‐based composites (SHCC) on the composite tensile behavior. The SHCC matrix was reinforced with 6‐mm long micro‐fibers made of ultra‐high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) in a volume ratio of 2 %. For emphasizing the benefits of hybrid fiber reinforcement, the cementitious matrix with 0 % short fibers was reinforced with carbon textile only. Specially designed specimens were tested in tension under a displacement rate of 0.05 mm/s. The deformation, crack formation and fracture of the tested specimens were monitored optically and subsequently evaluated using Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

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April 19 - 25

The Use of Architectural Shotcrete
by Frank Townsend, Patriot Shotcrete, LLC

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Architects’ Day Session: Shotcreting Architectural Concrete (ACI Fall 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) This presentation will provide a detailed description of the shotcreting processes typically used for architectural cast-in-place vertical work and help owners, architects, and contractors understand when it is a viable option.

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