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I am an ACI Member. How do I access free ACI University courses?

ACI members have free access to ACI University courses through their ACI University all-access subscription. View the Course Catalog in the ACI store. Click on the title of the course you're interested in and then click on the 'Use Your ACI University Subscription' blue button. With the subscription, you can receive one copy of each course during your subscription period.

I recently purchased my course and I cannot find it in ACI University.

Make sure to redeem your course access code you received when you purchased the course. Sign in at and go to My Courses. Click on the Redeem Code tab to enter your course access code. Go to the My Courses tab and your course should be visible. You can also find your access code by viewing your invoice at My ACI > My Order History.

How do I use my ACI University All-Access Digital Subscription to access a course?

Sign in to your ACI profile at Select the course you’re interested in at the ACI Store. Click on the blue “Use Your ACI University Subscription” button. You will be automatically directed to the ACI University Portal to redeem your course access code.

My course has disappeared. I did not get a chance to complete the course.

Your course may have become inactive. Most courses become inactive 30 days after redeeming the access code, longer courses after 90 days, and Certificate Program packages become inactive after 180 days. Go to MORE INFO under the course you wish to purchase in the ACI Store and you can find the Access Period under NOTES/PREVIEW.

Where do I find my access code?

When you purchase a course in the ACI store, an email containing the course access code will be sent to the email address associated with your ACI profile. Additionally, you can find your access code by signing in at and going to My ACI > My Order History > View Paid Orders. Locate the invoice associated with the course.

Where do I redeem my access code?

Sign in at and go to My Courses. Click on the Redeem Code tab to enter your course access code. Go to the My Courses tab to view the course.

Why doesn’t my access code work?

First look in My Courses tab in the ACI University Portal to see if the course might already be visible. Next, verify that you entered your access code exactly as received. You must include all characters including the underscore. It is best to copy the access code from your purchase confirmation email and paste it into the field. Finally, check if anyone else in your company redeemed the access code. If the course was purchased for you by someone else, the code may have already been redeemed by the purchaser. In that case, please contact

How do I use a course token to buy a course?

Local ACI Chapter Members receive three course tokens per year. To use, go to Token Eligible Courses and click on the course title you’re interested in. Click on the blue “Use An ACI University Course Token” button to redeem a code for this course.

I watched the webinar and I cannot find my certificate.

Did you redeem your access code? Sign in at and go to My Courses. Click on the Redeem Code tab to enter your course access code. You must watch the live webinar for the entire duration to receive a certificate. If you didn’t watch the full webinar, you can watch the webinar recording and pass the quiz to receive your certificate. Your certificate can be found at the ACI University Portal under the Certificates tab.

I missed the webinar. Can I get a refund?

The webinar becomes an on-demand course within two days after the live webinar. You can redeem your access code and watch the webinar recording at your convenience. Pass the quiz at the end of the webinar recording to receive your certificate.

I purchased a webinar for one of my engineers; how do they get their certificate?

You must provide the access code to the engineer. The engineer can then redeem the access code on their own ACI account. Sign in at and go to My Courses. Click on the Redeem Code tab to enter the course access code.

We had a group of people watch a webinar in a conference room. Can we all get certificates for watching the webinar?

For every person to receive a certificate you must purchase one webinar for each person. More than one person may watch the webinar, but they will not all receive a certificate. If you want more than one person to receive a certificate for watching the webinar, there is a 10-pack option available for purchase. ACI will send a sign-in sheet with 10 access codes. Complete the sign-in sheet and return to ACI.

Can I receive PDHs/CEUs for watching your free online education presentations?

Free online education presentations are for information only. They are not eligible for PDHs/CEUs. Only courses offered through ACI University offer course completion certificates for PDHs/CEUs. You can view the course catalog here.

How do I get my certificate for completing a certificate program? Where is my digital badge?

After completing all of the courses in the program, go to the ACI University Certificate Program folder (in ACI University) and open up the specific certificate program folder. Click "Launch" next to Request Certificate. The certificate for the program can be found under the Certificates tab. Digital badges will be emailed to recipients within one week after completing the certificate program. To view the status of completed courses in a Certificate Program, click on “required conditions” from within the program folder in ACI University to see a list of all courses and their completion status.

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