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Standards Adoption

ACI is a leading authority and resource worldwide for the development dissemination and adoption of its consensus-based standards, technical resources, educational and training programs, and certification programs. Standards Adoption takes place at the international, state, and local levels.

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There are three specific ways that you can help the ACI code adoption process in your area:

Become a proponent or advocate

Sponsor and submit a code change proposal in your area, raise the issue of sponsoring code change proposals with your local ACI chapter, and/or contact ACI Code Advocacy Engineers, Steve Szoke, and Kerry Sutton,

Offer a testimony of support

Once a code change proposal has been submitted for public comment in your area, individuals are given the opportunity to testify in support of the proposal. These words of support can be written or verbal, as some meeting s are conducted in person or virtually. If you are unsure if a code change proposal has been submitted in your area, reach out to an ACI Code Advocacy Engineer for confirmation.

Submit a letter of support

Submit a letter to the building code commission reviewing the code change proposal in your area. These letters should provide detail for why the code change proposal is beneficial in terms of public safety, improved quality of construction, and even economic benefit.

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Collaboration Groups

ACI offers a platform for its members to collaborate on state and model code initiatives. These collaboration groups provide a forum for members to work on the development and dissemination of technical criteria and related programs The current collaboration groups are hosted under the ACI Committee Directory.

Technical Cooperation Program

The ACI Technical Cooperation Program sponsors leading experts from ACI to participate and liaison in an international technical committee. This representative will act on behalf of ACI to support the international committee and return knowledge gained to their supporting and related committees.

LinkedIn Groups

Receive the latest news and opportunities related to ACI code adoption and implementation by joining ACI’s Advocacy Group on LinkedIn. ACI has a group dedicated to advocacy with the U.S. and another for all International advocacy efforts.

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Position Statements

ACI position statements are focused on advocacy efforts related to code development and adoption; and future statements may focus on other ACI programs, services, and activities. These position statements support policy positions along with state, federal, and international programs, rules, and regulations.

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This article from Concrete International discusses the most significant I-Code changes relevant to ACI technical committee work.


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