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ACI Certificate Programs

ACI Certificate Programs, delivered through ACI University, encourage concrete professionals to gain in-depth knowledge about particular topics in concrete materials, design, repair, or construction by following a defined online course of study. Once a certificate program has been completed, the participant will receive a certificate from ACI.

Complete a Certificate Program and earn a digital badge that you can share on social networks, job search sites, portfolio pages, email signature lines, and more.

Certificate Programs

NEW! Concrete Constructability

The Concrete Constructability Certificate Program covers planning, layout, project delivery, project site drivers, and structural system concept design. Additionally, review of what type of design is appropriate, how to specify concrete, selection of reinforcement, and testing and inspection will be included. This certificate program will be valuable to structural engineers to improve constructability and productivity in the industry. Program details (PDF).

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Required courses

Anchorage Design

This program covers the basic design principles for anchorage to concrete, the background of ACI 318, Appendix D (currently ACI 318, Chapter 17), example design problems for single anchor applications, and an understanding of post-installed anchor qualification. Program details (PDF).

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Required courses

Repair Application Procedures

This program covers procedures for basic concrete repair techniques. The program includes the purpose of the repair, applications for which each method is appropriate, surface preparation, safety considerations, and the repair procedure. Program details (PDF).

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Required courses

Fundamentals of Concrete and Materials

This program covers the basic knowledge of the materials used to produce concrete, the importance of proper curing and protection of concrete, batching and mixing, and much more. Program details (PDF).

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Required courses

Fundamentals of Concrete Construction

The Fundamentals of Concrete Construction Certificate Program covers the best practices and means and methods for concrete construction. This program is aimed at builders, site supervisors, construction managers, owner’s representatives, architects, and anyone who wishes to gain further knowledge in the construction of concrete. Program details (PDF).

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Required courses


    • Completion of each course requires an 80% passing score on the course exam
    • All course completion certificates must be earned within a maximum period of 2 years
    • Courses that are updated will still count toward the certificate program as long as they have been completed within the 2-year timeframe
    • Any course completed outside the 2-year timeframe must be retaken using the current version of the course
    • Courses must be completed by one individual using the same username
    • Access to ACI documents not included with the course may be required
    • Once the course of study has been completed, a certificate can be requested through ACI University. From the “My Courses” tab, open the ACI University Certificate Program folder and then open the specific program folder to launch the “Request Certificate” module. The certificate will be available under the “Certificates” tab. A digital badge will also be emailed shortly after requesting the certificate.
    • ACI reserves the right to update courses and change certificate program requirements at any time
    • ACI reserves the right to revoke a certificate or discontinue a certificate program for any reason

ACI 318-19: Changes to the Concrete Design Standard

This on-demand e-learning course covers the major changes in the 2019 edition of ACI 318, “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-19) and Commentary.