ACI Strategic Plan

Our Future | Vision

ACI envisions a future where everyone has the knowledge needed to use concrete effectively to meet the demands of a changing world.

Our Business | Mission

ACI develops, disseminates, and advances the adoption of its consensus-based knowledge on concrete and its uses.

Our Markets | Who We Serve

    • ACI members
    • ACI chapter members
    • Customers

Our Beliefs | We Operate With

    • Consensus
    • Credibility
    • Camaraderie
    • Benefit to society
    • Personal and professional growth

Our Strategic Goals and Objectives


ACI will work to increase participation of and add value for its members, chapter members, and customers.


ACI will increase the number of active members and satisfied users of its products and services.


    • Increase opportunities for professional growth
    • Strengthen relationships between ACI and its chapter members
    • Engage constituents interested in certification


ACI will positively impact the global concrete community through mutually beneficial alliances.


ACI will establish and expand strong and productive relationships with external organizations and individuals.


    • Actively seek opportunities to advance national and global outreach
    • Establish relationships with regulatory authorities to advance adoption


ACI will provide leadership to ensure our customers are equipped to sustainably address the needs of a changing world.


ACI will be a recognized leader and partner in advancing concrete as a solution to society's needs.


    • Proactively gather and share information on transformational ideas, practices, and techniques
    • Quickly respond to consumer needs and global trends for concrete information


ACI will improve the organization and processes through which its programs, products, and services are produced and deployed.


ACI will be more efficient, agile, and effective, while maintaining 'ACI quality'.


    • Structure ACI and dedicate resources to quickly develop or adapt programs, products, and services
    • Enhance member and customer experience through continuous improvement

    Revision approved by
    the ACI Board of Direction
    October 19, 2017.