Frequently Asked Questions

Convention Event Platform

Q: I registered for the convention, but the CrowdCompass event platform says I need to request access. What should I do?

A: After registering for the convention, you will receive an e-mail from “ACI Event Services” with the e-mail address support @ and subject line of: “Your Access Information for the ACI Concrete Convention!” This e-mail is highly important as it gives you access to the convention event platform and action is needed from this e-mail. If you have misplaced this e-mail and are trying to access the event platform, please contact our Support team at or via phone at +1.248.848.3767 or click “Contact event planner” on the event platform verification login page.

Q: I'm trying to login to the CrowdCompass event platform, and I haven't received my verification code. What should I do?

A: We recommend logging into the event platform approximately 3 days prior to the start of the convention to confirm your access and become familiar with the platform. The day of your meeting or event, be sure to login early with ample amount of time before your meeting/event start time.

If you have not received your verification code within 5 minutes, please click “Try logging in again” and re-enter your information. If you still do not receive your verification code after 15 minutes, please contact our Support team at or via phone at +1.248.848.3767.

Q: I have logged into the CrowdCompass event platform, but it is asking for my information (First name, Last Name, E-mail) again--why? 

A: The verification code is good for one use and expires 24 hours after you have received it. You will be required to log into the event platform every 24 hours with a new verification code. Please note: you may also be prompted for a new verification code if you close out of your web browser.

Q: I created My Schedule in the event platform; how do I add it to my preferred calendar application?

• Web-based App—If exporting your schedule using the web-based application (for laptops/desktop computers), you must use Google Chrome as your web browser. Access the web-based platform here.
• Mobile App—After creating your My Schedule, you can export your schedule by clicking the export icon in the upper right-hand corner of the My Schedule section of the app. After you click the icon, your schedule will be automatically exported into your default calendar.
• My Schedule Printing—At this time, the convention event platform does not support printing. However, after you export your schedule using your preferred calendar, you may be able to print your schedule directly from your calendar, using your calendar’s print feature (for example, the Microsoft Outlook calendar has a print feature).

Q: I am interested in setting up a meeting with another attendee during convention. How can I do this in the event platform?

A: The convention event platform makes it easy to connect to other convention attendees. 1:1 Messaging makes it painless for attendees to introduce themselves and connect/network via a one-on-one virtual conversation. Simply search for the attendee under “Attendees,” click on their contact information, and click “Message.” Conversations are saved and easy to search, manage, and retrieve. To set a one-on-one appointment with another attendee, simply click “Appointments” under “My Items” and add your appointment entering in your meeting day/time, and then add invitees to your meeting. Please note: the virtual meeting location is decided between the parties involved and is not set up by ACI or automatically created.

Committee Meetings

Q: Can I attend committee meetings?

A: Yes, all registered convention attendees may attend open committee meetings listed in the convention schedule.

Q: How do I join an ACI Technical Committee?

A: Visit this web page and complete the application.

Q: I'm a Committee Chair, but I lost my committee meeting login information; what should I do?

A: Please contact Bryce Barker at if you have misplaced your committee meeting login information. If your committee meeting is starting within 5 minutes, please call Bryce Barker at: +1.248.848.3187. Please also feel free to contact our Support team at or via phone at +1.248.848.3767.

Q: I'm trying to attend a committee meeting. It's 5 minutes after the start time, and the GoToMeeting hasn't been started yet; what should I do?

A: If your committee meeting hasn’t started and it is 5 minutes after the start time, please contact Bryce Barker at: +1.248.848.3187. Please also feel free to contact our Support team via phone at +1.248.848.3767.

Q: I'm a Committee Chair; can I login to GoToMeeting early to test my equipment?

A: Committee Chairs are not permitted to test their committee meeting links in advance of the convention. Committee Chairs can log in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their committee meeting. If you need to set up a practice meeting ahead of time, please contact Shannon Banchero at

Q: My Committee Chair can't make the meeting and has asked that I run the meeting on their behalf. How do I get login information for the meeting?

A: If your committee chair cannot make the meeting and you are now in charge of running the meeting, please contact Bryce Barker at to receive the login instructions. If it is within 15 minutes of the committee meeting start time, please contact Support at +1.248.848.3767.


Q: I missed a session. Can I watch it on-demand?

A: Yes. All sessions will be recorded (with speaker consent) and will be posted on-demand through the event platform 24 hours after the event takes place. Please note: mini-sessions will not be recorded.

Q: I am a speaker and do not want my presentation to be recorded; what should I do?

A: If a speaker prefers that we do not record their presentation, speakers must select “No” on the “ACI Presentation Authorization Form” found here: This form must be submitted by Friday, October 8, 2021.

Q: I am a speaker and would like to distribute my presentation; where can I do that?

A: If you would like for your presentation to be made available for download, ACI will upload it (in PDF form) to the ACI Session Handouts page (
sessionsandevents/sessionhandouts.aspx) for attendees to download and view. To have your presentation uploaded, a copy must be sent to Bryce Barker at Please send your presentation no later than Friday, October 22, 2021.

Q: I'm a speaker or moderator in a session and I can't find my zoom webinar panelist login information. What should I do?

A: If you cannot locate your panelist login information for your session, please contact Bryce Barker at If your session is starting within 30 minutes, please call Bryce Barker at +1.248.848.3187.

Q: Can I still receive PDH credit for attending a virtual session?

A: Yes. Attend the entire duration of a live session (or mini-session) and jot down the three codes given out during the session. Please note: ACI does not track and cannot provide documentation confirming attendee participation or attendance at any ACI session held during the virtual convention. On-demand sessions do not qualify for CEUs or PDHs.

Q: I attended a session and missed a PDH code; how can I retrieve it?

A: Please e-mail Aileen Castelli at with the session title and the PDH codes you did collect. ACI will then provide you with the missing code (as long as you attended the entire duration of the session).

Q: I attended a session; how can I obtain my CEU/PDH certificate?

A: (1) Visit and sign in to your account. (2) Hover over “My ACI” and click on “My ACI CEU/PDH.” (3) Select the convention, day, and title of the session for which you are submitting the session PDH codes. (4) After successfully submitting the session PDH codes, your certificate will be available under the session title. Please note: If you earned a certificate for a session and would like ACI to report your CEUs/PDHs to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers or AIA, e-mail your Professional Engineer’s or Architecture license number to Bob Hogston at

Q: I attended a session, collected the three codes, but I am getting an error when trying to submit them on "My ACI CEU/PDH".

A: Please e-mail Aileen Castelli at with the session title and the three PDH codes you collected. ACI will then confirm if you have an error in one of your codes.


Q: How do I find out more information about Convention sponsors?

A: You can access all sponsor information in the “Sponsor” tab in the event platform. From there, you can visit the company website, view company brochures, and contact the company representative.

Q: I am interested in sponsoring a session. What are my options and how can I go about doing this?

A: Several sponsorship levels are available. Please contact Kim Spillane at for detailed information and availability.

Q: My company is doing a sponsor demonstration; how do I login?

A: To login to your sponsor demonstration, you first must be registered for the convention. Once registered, you will access the convention through the event platform. Once logged into the event platform, navigate to “Demonstration Area”, and find your specific demonstration listing. Once in your demonstration listing, click “Join Zoom” and entered the password listed. You will then be entered into your sponsor demonstration. Sponsors are asked to join their demonstration 5 minutes prior to their scheduled demonstration time.

Q: My company is doing a demonstration; where can I find this in the event platform?

A: To view your company’s demonstration, go to “Demonstration Area” in the event platform to view the daily demonstration schedule. From there, find the specific day/time your demonstration is scheduled and click into the listing to access the virtual link for your demonstration.


Q: I am looking for some networking opportunities; what are my options?

A: There are many networking opportunities that you will not want to miss out on. Networking events include the Concrete Mixer, Women in ACI Reception, Student Networking Event, President’s Reception and Awards Presentation, and the daily Networking Lounge. Make sure to view the “Full Convention Schedule” to find out when these events take place and to get access the virtual link information.

Q: I only plan to attend one committee meeting during convention week; do I still need to register?

A: Yes, you will need to register for the entire convention even if you are only attending one committee meeting. Registration is required to access the convention event platform.


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Bryce V. Barker, CMP Event Planner—Session and Speaker Coordination; Executive Committee Relations; Onsite Operations +1.248.848.3187
Carole A. Berrelez Event Planner—Room Block Management; Exhibit Hall Activities; Host Chapter Coordination; Onsite Operations +1.248.848.3186
Kim A. Spillane
Sales/Business Development Coordinator—Exhibits and Sponsorship Sales
General Information +1.248.848.3795

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