Hosting A Convention

Hosting an ACI Convention

Chapters are an integral part in producing a convention.

In order to host a convention, chapters should consider the following: number of available active volunteers to participate, current financial status, and goals for hosting a convention. The chapter Board of Directors should approve the request to host a future convention. A letter must be written to the Chair of the ACI Convention Committee requesting the convention. The ACI Convention Committee reviews requests for future conventions twice a year.

Chapter Convention Guide

The Chapter Convention Guide is a detailed description of chapter responsibilities and compilation of timelines and examples that the Chapter Convention Committee (CCC) will use throughout the planning process. The Chapter Convention Guide continues to be a work in progress.

I. Overview

This guide has been assembled to assist and inform ACI Chapters who are considering hosting, or have committed to host, an ACI convention of their responsibilities. The requirements, suggestions, and recommendations set forth in this guide were established for developing successful and interesting conventions. The guide has been approved by the ACI Convention Committee and reviewed by the Chapter Activities Committee and the Board of Direction.

Conventions are significant in the overall success and operation of ACI. The purpose of conventions are to provide the opportunity for ACI members, through committees, to come together to formulate the Institute’s codes, standards, recommended practices, and administrative policies. An equally important function of conventions is to provide a forum for the presentation of technical and educational sessions. An ACI convention is a forum for persons interested in the cement and concrete construction industries to share ideas, discuss and resolve problems, and network with individuals involved in these disciplines. The local chapter hosting the convention helps provide an enjoyable atmosphere in which the convention attendees can achieve their goals.

ACI holds two conventions a year—one in the spring (mid-March to mid-April), and one in the fall (mid-October to mid-November)—and typically attracts 1200 to 1600 attendees per convention dependent upon location. A convention is four days in length (Sunday through Wednesday). Most attendees arrive on Saturday or Sunday and depart on Wednesday. The location for a convention is selected 5 to 10 years in advance. The destination is thoroughly evaluated by ACI staff. Criteria for site selection includes:

    • Financial impact to attendee, exhibitors, chapter and Institute
    • Ample meeting space in no more than two venues
    • Ample sleeping rooms connected or close to meeting space
    • Availability of preferred dates (Spring: mid-March to mid-April; avoiding holidays; Fall: mid-October to mid-November)
    • Adequate number of nonstop flights and competitive air carriers
    • Adequate economical and reliable ground transportation options
    • Restaurants within close proximity and at varying price points
    • Attractiveness of destination to attendees
    • Additional requirements based on specific convention and/or destination

Part of the criteria for site selection is based on the chapter’s willingness to host and coordinate certain activities. These activities include:

    • Developing a convention theme
    • Coordinating sessions
    • Coordinating technical tours
    • Students from the local/regional area in the competitions
    • Assisting with judging the student competitions
    • Setting up and staffing an information desk at the convention prior to and during the actual convention
    • Providing volunteers to help during the convention
    • Promoting the convention in the local/regional area

ACI Staff will make all of the arrangements for spring conventions, unless the local chapter wishes to participate. For chapters hosting a spring convention, chapters would be required to make the following arrangements:

    • Provide topics and speakers for the Student and Contractors’ Day Lunches
    • Provide activity ideas for guests that they may do on their own
    • Sponsor a coffee break, continental breakfast, or lunch in the exhibit area (optional)

In addition to the above, for those chapters wishing to host a fall convention, the following additional activities are required to host the convention.

    • Host and sponsor the Opening Reception
    • Host and sponsor the “Concrete Mixer” reception
    • Host and sponsor the guest tour program (optional)
    • Student Program—obtain a speaker for the student lunch, sponsor student luncheon fees
    • Contractor's Day—Coordinate/moderate session(s) and obtain a luncheon speaker

The commitments to host the fall convention deal directly with the host chapter’s pledge to raise the funds necessary to host and sponsor the above activities. Each host chapter is strongly encouraged to sign a Good Faith Agreement, shown as Exhibit A. The Convention Committee reserves the right to change the convention schedule and location. Specific responsibilities for convention activities are detailed in the following sections. In addition, Exhibit B depicts a complete timeline of chapter activities.

II. Chapter Convention Committee

Chapter Convention Committee Role
The chapter should form a Chapter Convention Committee (CCC) to coordinate convention activities. A representative of the CCC should attend all conventions, ACI Convention Committee meetings, and other key meetings (Hot Topic, SYPAC, etc.) a minimum of three years preceding the convention date. The ACI Convention Committee meets on the Tuesday afternoon of each convention. A committee roster for the CCC should be submitted to the ACI Convention Committee prior to each convention. Exhibit C depicts a sample committee roster.

CCC Structure
Chapters should strongly consider using a Chair and Co-Chair or two Co-Chairs to lead the CCC as well as the subcommittees. The use of Co-Chairs to oversee the CCC and subcommittees results in a more equitable dispersion of the workload. The organization of a convention can be broken into several areas. Generally, the CCC should be composed of subcommittees that may be responsible for Publicity, Volunteer Coordination, Secretary, Student Program, and Technical Program (sessions and/or technical tours). For the fall convention, the CCC should also include Fundraising, Exhibits, Guest Program, Social Events, and Treasurer.

CCC Reports
The CCC should submit the minutes of each meeting to the ACI Manager of Event Services. Beginning 3 years prior to a convention, the chapter is required to report to the ACI Convention Committee on the planning efforts of the host chapter. Exhibit D shows the reports required by the ACI Convention Committee and their accompanying due dates.

Only the final details and the necessary changes should be left for the last six months. Each sub-committee chair should target all major decisions, approvals, and commitments to be completed two months prior to the convention.

The CCC should develop a final report to be made at the convention following theirs. The final report should include the following:

    • Total amount raised
    • Amount raised from sponsors
    • Amount raised from exhibitors
    • A list of individual amounts of sponsors
    • Attendance figures
    • Chapter's overall experience hosting the convention
    • Information about the structure of the committee and volunteers used during the convention
    • What worked, what didn't
    • Suggestions for future chapters

A. General Information

The convention Chair and/or Co-Chairs are the thread between the subcommittees and ACI headquarters. It is important that they communicate frequently with ACI staff.

Suggestions for Selecting Chair/Co-Chairs

    • Start early! Select the convention Chair, Co-Chairs, and subcommittee Chairs at least three years in advance.
    • If possible, select a convention Chair and/or Co-Chairs that are not involved with too many ACI committees. Too many commitments may hinder the attention needed to be a convention Chair or Co-Chair.
    • Select a Chair and/or Co-chairs who are familiar with managing multiple groups or projects all working toward a common goal. (For example, contractors or a head of an architectural firm or engineering firm)
    • Select as many committee chairs as possible who have attended an ACI convention(s) in the past.
    • Select a Chair/Co-chairs and subcommittee Chairs who are not timid about delegating responsibilities and overseeing their completion. Volunteers are prepared to help, but are often hesitant to manage tasks without guidance from a Chair.
    • If a subcommittee Chair is not keeping up with tasks’ deadlines, the Chair should be ready to replace them. A successful, tactful method of replacing a substandard Chair is to re-designate him or her as a Co-Chair and select another person as the new Chair. This can keep everyone who originally volunteered involved.

Chapter Convention Committee Meetings

The CCC should pay close attention to the timeline for convention preparation. Initially, the CCC should hold meetings on an annual or semi-annual basis. Six months to a year before the convention, the frequency of the meetings should increase to bimonthly or monthly. Six weeks before the convention, meetings should be held weekly. Those chapters hosting a spring convention may not be required to meet as often. With vacations and normal construction activities, very little is accomplished June 1 through September 1. The CCC should plan accordingly. Minutes should be kept at each of these meetings and a copy sent to ACI Event Services.

The CCC should also meet each day of the convention to verify plans for the next day. It is recommended that the CCC hold a “wrap-up” meeting following the convention. Separate meetings of the subcommittees before a convention may also be necessary.

Convention Registration

Everyone attending a convention must register and pay the registration fee. Members of the Chapter Convention Committee will be given a complimentary convention registration during their convention. Additionally, staff will create name badges for volunteers coming for the day to help at the chapter’s information desk, monitor guest hospitality, and/or direct attendees to various events.

Convention Budget

The Chair and/or Co-Chairs should create a budget with input from the subcommittees and ACI Event Services. A sample budget worksheet is shown as Exhibit M.

Hotel Contracts

ACI contracts with hotels and meeting facilities 5 to 10 years in advance of the convention. ACI is working toward having convention locations firmly committed no later than 5 years in advance.

When a host chapter commits to a convention, it is important to know that ACI commits to certain items in the venue contract that may affect the host chapter. The CCC should be aware of the following general rules.

    • Venues require that all food and beverage in the venue be provided by the venue.
    • NO outside food or beverages may be brought into the venue for a function being held in the venue. However, in some cases, the venue will agree to outside food and beverage, but surcharges will apply in those cases. These charges are passed on to the group or individual who brings in outside food and beverage.
    • Venues require ACI to meet a food and beverage minimum. ACI relies on chapter-sponsored food and beverage events to assist in meeting these minimums. Failure to meet this amount may result in financial penalties to ACI. It is very important that the host chapter assist ACI in maintaining the integrity of this portion of the contract.
    • Venues do not allow ACI or its host chapters to publicize or refer other hotels to those attending the convention. The hotels, in most cases, are not charging for meeting space and rely on the income from sleeping rooms to cover the expenses for maintaining and servicing the meeting space. It is very important that the host chapter assist ACI in maintaining the integrity of this portion of the contract. Should ACI not meet the sleeping room block as committed in the contract, ACI could be liable for substantial charges for the use of the meeting space and the short fall for sleeping rooms.

Each hotel and city has requirements specific to that location. It is always a good idea to talk to ACI’s Manager of Event Services about the contract for your city in case there are additional conditions for which you should be aware. Staff will be happy to provide a copy of the hotel/venue contract(s) if requested.

In certain instances, the Chapter may need to contract a location for the Concrete Mixer Reception, select a tour company, etc. In these instances, the Chapter is required to send the contract to ACI Event Services for review prior to the signing of any contract. This is to ensure that the Chapter is adequately represented in the agreement and not opening the Chapter up to any contractual obligations they cannot meet.

Sessions and Dinners Honoring Prominent ACI Members

The ACI Board of Direction and Convention Committee have instituted guidelines for board committees to honor prominent ACI members. Host chapters that wish to participate should submit their request through any board committee, such as the Chapter Activities Committee, Convention Committee, TAC, and EAC, at least 1 year in advance of the convention.

The policy for chapters wishing to participate is:

    • The individual must have made an outstanding contribution to ACI and the concrete industry.
    • The Convention Committee shall evaluate the proposed individual’s contribution in approving this event.
    • Proposals for sessions and dinners to honor an ACI member should be submitted for consideration to the Convention Committee by a Board Committee. Submittals must include a written explanation as to why the individual should be honored, outlining the individual’s accomplishments.
    • All sessions and dinners should be approved by the Convention Committee at least one convention in advance to ensure that there are no conflicts and that the event is properly planned and promoted.
    • As per the Convention Committee’s existing requirements, no dinner shall be held in conflict with the Opening Session, Opening Reception, Project Awards Gala, President’s Reception or Concrete Mixer. The Chapter should work with ACI Event Services to determine the best day and time to schedule the event.

Additionally, the Convention Committee guidelines for dinner speeches are:

    • Limit the total time for speeches to 45 minutes, no matter how many speakers participate.
    • The organizer of the event for the CCC should arrange a meeting with the speakers and ACI’s Manager of Event Services at least one convention prior to the dinner to finalize details. This meeting should occur prior to the Convention Committee meeting.

Local Award Nominations (optional)

Chapter Convention Committees have the option of nominating individuals and organizations from the local area for the Distinguished Achievement Award. Nominations for this award must be submitted no more than 1 year in advance. Additional information regarding the award is listed below.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Award Description: The Distinguished Achievement Award was established in 2004 by ACI’s Board of Direction. This award recognizes nonmember individuals or associations who have made notable contributions to the advancement of the concrete industry through their support of concrete utilization.

History: The Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) was created by the Personal Awards Committee (PAC), approved by Honors & Awards (H&A) and ACI Board of Directors (BOD) in an attempt to give recognition to a non-member individual or firm. The original intent was for the recipient and ACI to gain additional recognition in non-traditional venues. This has been set up to allow the host Chapter Convention Committees (CCCs) to nominate a local individual or firm to be recognized at their respective convention.

Procedure: The award is given for outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge of concrete as a construction material and need not be presented at each convention. All nonmember persons, firms, corporations, or organizations are eligible to receive the award, which is a certificate. The recipient must be present at the Opening Session of the Convention at which the award is given.

Chapter Convention Committees have the option to nominate local prospective awardees to the Committee for Personal Awards. The CCC can set up its own procedure for the selection process. When nominating a person or firm for an ACI Personal Award, the biographical form must be filled out, including the wording for a suggested citation, and returned to Any CCC wishing to nominate a firm shall include a corporate history, a corporate overview, a list of projects completed (with adequate description—that is, innovative usage of concrete and locations), and any other pertinent information. Upon receipt of the above data, the nomination will be forwarded to the ACI Personal Awards Committee for its consideration. The top two choices should be submitted in the order of preference. The nomination form may be obtained online at

Decisions are made in the spring and fall and presented to the ACI Board of Direction for approval. Awards are presented to awardees at the Opening Session of the Convention at which the award is given. Therefore, all nominations must be submitted 1 year prior to the award being given.

For more information please contact:
Ms. Diane Pociask
Administrative Assistant, ACI Honors and Awards Program
American Concrete Institute
38800 Country Club Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
Tel: +1.248.848.3831
Fax: +1.248.848.3768

Use of ACI Logo

In order to meet the requirements of the ACI Brand Guidelines, which were designed to protect the integrity of the ACI logo, ACI Event Services must approve the use of the ACI logo on letterhead, flyers, handouts, and any materials produced for promotional purposes. ACI staff can assist with developing these materials. Please contact ACI Event Services for assistance. An example of the correct usage of the ACI logo is shown as Exhibit E.

Convention Logo

Effective January 1, 2015, all convention logos will be designed by ACI Staff at their discretion, but in accordance with the guidelines approved by the ACI Convention Committee. These guidelines require that the use of the ACI logo, layout and text be consistent from convention to convention and that the background of the logo be flexible so that each convention is unique in its own way, but still maintains an overall consistent look. The convention logo will be used on all materials developed by ACI, including the Convention Preview, Program Book, website, email blasts, ads, signage, and any other materials distributed by ACI.

Chapter Pin Logo

Effective January 1, 2015, all existing and future CCC developed logos for conventions taking place in 2015 and beyond, have become the "Chapter pin logo". This Chapter pin logo may appear on any of the materials that the CCC develops, including items like the convention pin, exhibit and sponsorship letters, chapter t-shirts, CCC letterhead, promotional materials, any any other items the CCC will distribute independent from ACI. Every Chapter pin logo must incorporate the ACI logo and the year the convention will be held. In order to protect the integrity of the ACI logo and to ensure the ACI logo is used in a manner that is consistent with the ACI Brand Guidelines, all Chapter pin logos must be designed by an ACI graphic designer in collaboration with the CCC. The final Chapter pin logo must be approved by the ACI Convention Committee, no later than 18 months in advance of the convention.

Hot Topic

The Hot Topic Committee, a subcommittee of the ACI Convention Committee in collaboration with the CCC, selects a “Hot Topic” for presentation at an upcoming Hot Topic Session. This event is typically held on the first night of the convention after the Opening Reception. It is usually a timely topic of general interest to convention attendees. The CCC may request to co-sponsor the Hot Topic session for their convention. CCC members should attend Hot Topic Committee meetings to provide input on topics selected for their convention, beginning no later than 12 months prior to the convention.

Chapter Functions at Convention

The host chapter is strongly discouraged from holding a chapter function, such as a Chapter Dinner Meeting, during the convention week. It might seem convenient to have the President of ACI address a chapter during the convention, but because of his or her duties during the convention week, it is impossible and impractical to arrange time for this dinner. Experience shows that attendance by your chapter officers is also difficult because of the demands on their time during the convention week.

Chapter Hospitality Suite

For the duration of the convention, the host chapter is furnished with a complimentary hospitality suite. The suite is provided by ACI; however, any incidental charges (movies, room service, phone calls, etc.) are the responsibility of the chapter. This suite is provided for the host chapter to have a place to hold meetings during the convention, provide a locale for chapter members to gather, or host sponsors, exhibitors, or others who have helped support the convention. The Chair or Co-Chair of the convention customarily resides in this suite, but it should not be regarded as a personal room and should not be used for personal functions. This room may not be given to other attendees for their private use.

The chapter, at their discretion, can plan a chapter function with beverages and snacks in the chapter suite to thank the chapter convention committee members for their hard work. Such functions should not conflict with any other ACI-sponsored events (Opening Session, Concrete Mixer, and President’s Reception). ACI Event Services can make the arrangements for this event and will bill the chapter for any costs incurred following the convention.

Chapter Sleeping Rooms

With the exception of the Chapter Hospitality Suite, any members of the chapter wishing to stay at the hotel are responsible for payment of their own hotel room and incidentals. It is recommended (but not required) that each subcommittee Chair and all other individuals heavily involved from the local chapter stay at the hotel for the duration of the convention to assure traffic or other obstructions will not delay their arrival.

Convention Volunteers & Chapter Desk

Chapters should plan to recruit volunteers to assist during the convention. Volunteers are needed to staff the chapter’s information desk, direct attendees, usher at the Opening Session, monitor sessions, and greet/direct attendees upon arrival at the hotels. ACI supplies a name badge for those volunteering for the day at the convention.

The CCC will be provided with an information desk near the exhibit area at their convention as well as the convention prior. This information desk is staffed by chapter volunteers who can answer questions about the local area and promote convention activities. The Chapter Desk should be staffed (with a minimum of two volunteers) while the exhibit area is open (Saturday from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Sunday through Tuesday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).

Opening Session

The Chair and/or Co-Chairs will be asked to welcome attendees during the Opening Session on the first day of the convention. The Chair/Co-Chairs may wish to cover the following in their comments.

    • Welcome to the city
    • A little about the theme
    • A thank you to the Chapter Convention Committee and ACI Chapter
    • Events that the chapter has put together
      • Special events or tours
      • Sessions sponsored by the chapter
      • Visiting the exhibitors
    • Location of chapter desk – local information
    • Last-minute housekeeping items provided by ACI Event Services

B. Subcommittees

Subcommittees typically include Contractors’ Day, Exhibits, Fundraising, Guest Program, Publicity, Secretary, Social Events, Student Program, Treasurer, Technical Program, and Volunteer Coordination. Subcommittees should be formed no later than 18 months prior to the convention and should be composed of a Chair and at least one additional volunteer.

B.1 Contractors' Day Subcommittee (Optional)

Overview: Contractors’ Day is held on Tuesday (the third day) of the convention and consists of a lunch with speaker and up to two sessions. Sessions can be presentations, tours, or demonstrations. The sessions and lunch planned for this day are designed specifically for those in the construction industry.

The Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) and the CCC jointly plan the events for Contractors’ Day. Subcommittee members should plan on attending the CLC meeting beginning 18 months prior to the convention. All planned activities/events are to be coordinated/scheduled through the Convention Committee. Please refer to the Contractors’ Day timeline, shown as Exhibit F, for responsibilities and deadlines.

Goal: The goal of Contractors’ Day is to demonstrate to local contractors the advantages and benefits of participating in ACI nationally and to provide programs for contractors who are currently members. This can be accomplished by structuring the day with a format and content that is contractor-oriented and addressing issues of specific interest to local contractors. Incorporate the features of ACI such as committee documents that pertain to the session theme as appropriate.


    • Organize the sessions (could be demos, tours, or presentations)
    • Secure a speaker for the lunch
    • Develop a promotional plan

Develop a list of possible topics. It is suggested that sessions do not repeat topics previously covered on a local level. This can help draw local contractors to the convention interested in learning about current issues.

Create a list of qualified speakers. Confirm that all speaker presentations fit into the topic of the session, periodically communicate with speakers as to the status and format, select session moderators and verify their qualifications, and have one or more backup speakers in the event someone is unable to participate on short notice.

Session moderators (usually two) need to be selected no later than 18 months in advance. Moderators are responsible for securing speakers and helping with presentation development. It is recommended (but not required) that all session moderators participate in the online Session Moderator Training.

Moderators are responsible for submitting the online Preliminary Session Request Form (12 months prior to the convention) outlining the list of speakers and proposed topics and the online Final Session Request Form (6 months prior to the convention) outlining the final list of speakers and the confirmed presentation titles.

The session request forms and the moderator training are available online at

Contractors’ Day Lunch
The chapter convention committee shall select a lunch speaker 12 to 14 months prior to the convention. Ideally, the person and topic will address construction issues. As a part of the lunch, the CCC or the CLC Chair should make a short address regarding the days’ events and benefits of ACI to the construction community. The CCC is responsible for submitting speaker information, photo, biography, topic, and presentation description to ACI Event Services at least 6 months prior to the convention.

Contractors’ Day should be heavily promoted in the local/regional area. Work with ACI Staff to be sure that the communication platforms that are developed, stress the benefits of attendance. Develop mailing lists using local ACI, AGC, ASCC, ABC, ASCE, CSI, AIA, and structural engineering groups. Develop press releases that can be sent to local industry trade or business journals and newspapers. ACI Event Services staff can assist in producing and distributing appropriate promotional material.

Promotional material should contain information about sessions and the lunch speaker. Materials should be sent 2 to 3 months prior to the convention. The materials should contain the following information:

    • Contractors’ Day sessions and luncheon information
    • Convention registration information
    • General information about the convention and other sessions that would be interesting to contractors
    • A list of pertinent committee meetings that contractors might be interested in attending
    • Information about any evening events following the Contractors’ Day events
    • All promotional material developed by the CCC must be approved by ACI Event Services in advance.

Enlist local chapter members to make routine announcements at industry-related meetings and functions and ask local members to deliver letters of invitation to key contractor personnel. Conduct a phone campaign one to three weeks prior to the convention.

Poster Display (Optional): The local committee may choose to sponsor a poster display highlighting projects or topics of local interest. Select 6 to 12 poster displays. A poster display needs to be coordinated with ACI Event Services 6 months prior to the convention.

B.2 Exhibit Subcommittee

Overview: Exhibiting at the ACI Convention is a great opportunity to network with approximately 1200 to 1600 concrete professionals. The convention brings together engineers, contractors, educators, material suppliers, laboratory technicians, and others interested in improving the design, construction, manufacture, and maintenance of concrete structures.

ACI seeks to provide exhibitors with a venue and atmosphere that will maximize visibility and marketing potential. The exhibit area has been specially designed to include convention registration, ACI bookstore, a cyber café, demonstrations (space permitting), wireless hotspots, and a place where attendees can meet between events to network, enjoy refreshments, or just catch up on what is happening at work or home.

Goal: The goal of the Exhibit Subcommittee is to sell exhibit booths and/or tables and promote attendance in the exhibit hall during the convention.

ACI Responsibilities:

    • Negotiate and sign an agreement with a general service contractor (decorator)
    • Arrange for overnight security in the exhibit hall
    • Allocate function space for exhibits typically 24 months prior to the convention
    • Develop floor plan with contracted decorator
    • Assign booths according to point system
    • Schedule and handle logistics for exhibitor demonstrations
    • Work with decorator on-site
    • Collect exhibitor information for website, program book, and signs
    • Collect exhibitor insurance certificates

CCC Responsibilities: Refer to Exhibit H for a detailed timeline for the Exhibit Subcommittee.

    • Sales and promotion of the exhibit booths or tables (dependent on space available at the venue) beginning at least 24 months in advance of the convention. Exhibit booths are typically sold as 10’x10’, 10’x20’, or larger if necessary. The exhibitor fees are a large part of the funds raised by the CCC. Booths are suggested to be sold between $1000 and $1500 for a 10’x10’ space.
    • Determination of what items the Chapter would like to provide for exhibitors (for example, a typical booth package is a table, chairs, trashcan, drape, electrical outlet, and Concrete Mixer drink tickets).
    • Payment of any decorator and security costs, power/water (if included in booth package to exhibitors), and any costs for exhibitors to attend the Concrete Mixer. These costs will be discussed with the chapter prior to the signing of the decorator agreement. In some venues, there may be a venue/exhibit hall rental fee. The chapter is responsible for paying this fee. Exception: If the ACI Registration desk, the ACI Bookstore, and cyber cafe are located inside the exhibit area, the chapter will be responsible for paying the rental fees associated with the amount of space used. ACI Registration will only be located in an exhibit area if space and sufficient set up time permits. Specific amounts for a shared registration/exhibit space will be agreed upon by the chapter and ACI Event Services staff 12 to 18 months prior to the convention.
    • Collect all signed exhibitor applications and payment for exhibits. The average number of exhibitors is 40 to 50 for each convention. The balance should be paid in full upon receipt of application. The CCC may wish to keep a waiting list once all spaces are full in the event of a cancellation.
    • Keep track of the dates the exhibitor application and payments are received. Upon receipt of the completed application and payment, the application must be e-mailed or faxed to ACI Event Services.
    • Work with staff to develop promotional and informational materials for exhibitors.
    • Request list of Sustaining Members and past exhibitors from ACI Event Services for solicitation
    • Once the floor plan has been finalized, the Exhibit Subcommittee should develop and distribute a letter and application to send to potential exhibitors along with the floor plan.
    • The CCC is responsible for paying ACI an administrative fee of $150 per exhibit booth to supplement the cost of materials and staff time spent working on coordination of the exhibit area.
    • It is recommended that the Chair of the Exhibit Subcommittee is present during exhibitor move-in at the hotel. This is a good opportunity to welcome and thank exhibitors for support.

Exhibitor Benefits:

    • Up to four exhibitor name badges allowing access to exhibit area, convention sessions, and committee meetings
    • Opportunity to network with 1200 to 1600 industry professionals over a 3-day period
    • Company logo with link to your company site on the ACI Convention website
    • Material you may use to promote your participation in the show
    • Company name, short description of products and services, and website listing in convention program (if committed by print deadlines)
    • Company logo on convention signage (if committed by print deadlines)
    • Free pre- and post-show registration lists of registered attendees (upon request)

Exhibitor Application—See Exhibit I for a sample application form.

The exhibitor is required to sign the application and provide a copy of proof of insurance with their exhibitor application. The chapter must send ACI Event Services all signed applications and a listing of exhibitors with contact information upon receipt. A final list of exhibitors is needed 10 weeks prior to the convention to be included in convention materials. The exhibitor must send a copy of the proof of liability insurance to ACI Event Services no later than 8 weeks prior to the convention.

The following clauses must be included on the exhibitor application:

    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Cancellation
    • Insurance—Work with ACI Event Services to determine specific requirements of the venue
    • Indemnification—Exhibitor assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend the American Concrete Institute, the Chapter, and the hotel and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises. The exhibitor understands that neither the American Concrete Institute, the Chapter, nor the hotel maintain insurance covering the exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain such insurance.

Exhibit Floor Plan
ACI will develop and send the preliminary floor plan to the CCC 18 to 24 months in advance so that it may be included with the exhibitor application and letter.

Booth Assignments
The exhibitor application requests the exhibitor to provide their top five location choices. ACI uses a point system to allocate exhibit space. Exhibitors earn points at each convention in which they participate. More points are awarded per show to repeat exhibitors. Points are retroactive as of the fall 2000 Convention in Toronto, ON, Canada. The point system scale is listed below.

    • First show—one point per show
    • Two to four shows—three points per show
    • Five+ shows—five points per show
    • Points will only be given to exhibitors who comply with ACI’s Exhibitor Guidelines. Failure to comply will result in the loss of points. The point system does not preclude the exhibitor from requesting their top five locations. ACI Event Services will make all booth assignments.

Exhibitor Prospectus—an example Exhibitor Prospectus is shown as Exhibit J.

Exhibitors and potential exhibitors will be sent an Exhibitor Prospectus at the time of solicitation or confirmation by staff and/or the CCC. ACI Event Services will update this document prior to each convention and provide a copy to the CCC after the decorator has been contracted and the exhibit floor plan and application have been drafted. All ACI Convention Committee-approved show guidelines are listed in the Exhibitor Prospectus.

Exhibitor Kit
An exhibitor kit containing all pertinent information will be sent to exhibitors from ACI and the general service contractor approximately 8 weeks prior to the convention. This manual will contain all of the necessary details, forms, and instructions for the show.

Food and Beverage in the Exhibit Area
The CCC may wish to provide food and beverage as a way to draw members into the exhibit hall. Possible options include pastries, lunch concessions, afternoon snacks, and beer garden. The CCC may wish to find a sponsor for these items. Please note that all food and beverage must be supplied by the hotel or venue. Surcharges may be applied to any outside food and beverage that is brought into the venue. Please coordinate all food and beverage in the Exhibit Area through ACI Event Services.

Ideas for Increasing Booth Traffic

    • Scheduling the Opening Reception inside the exhibit area is another way to provide additional exposure for exhibitors. ACI Event Services will confirm that this is acceptable and make the arrangements for this event.
    • The CCC may also ask exhibitors to contribute to or obtain items to hold a daily drawing for attendees that get a “passport” stamped by exhibitors.
    • If space permits, a demonstration area will be set up for exhibitors to demonstrate their products on Monday and/or Tuesday. ACI Event Services will work with exhibitors to schedule and arrange demonstrations.
    • The CCC has the option to develop a “Scavenger Hunt” in the Exhibit Area for students attending the convention to encourage them to interact with exhibitors. A drawing is conducted from completed scavenger hunt forms. A prize is supplied by the CCC and given to the drawing winner at the Student Lunch.


B.3 Fundraising Subcommittee

Overview: Hosting a fall convention takes several years of fundraising and planning to be successful. Financial commitments range from $150,000 to $250,000+ depending on the cost of living/expenses in a particular destination. Please see Exhibit K for the Fundraising Subcommittee timeline. ACI has also developed a separate guide to convention fundraising (Section III).

Please note, hosting a spring convention requires a very small financial commitment of approximately $3,000-$6,000 to cover the cost of pins, t-shirts, giveaways, sleeping rooms, etc. that the CCC may elect to provide. The spring-hosted conventions do not require the same level of financial responsibility or commitment from the CCC that a fall-hosted convention requires.

Goal: The Fundraising Committee’s objective is to raise money to fund CCC responsibilities and financial commitments.

Responsibilities (fall only):

    • Raise funds to cover CCC financial commitments
    • Develop Sponsorship Levels with pricing and benefits
    • Communicate benefits with ACI Event Services and ensure each sponsor receives the proper benefits
    • Maintain a sponsor list with contact information for each sponsor
    • Create a PowerPoint presentation to be displayed during networking events such as the Opening Reception and Concrete Mixer to thank sponsors
    • Work closely with the Exhibit Subcommittee


Financial Commitments

    • CCC convention stationery (optional) and postage
    • CCC flyers and postage (optional)
    • Posters/advertising for the convention in the local area (optional)
    • Convention registration and travel for CCC members (optional)
    • Promotion of convention at the convention prior
    • Incidentals for chapter suite incurred by the CCC (but not Chair or Co-Chair’s personal incidentals)
    • Attendee bags (optional)
    • Banking fees
    • Student competition refreshments (optional)
    • Hot Topic Session refreshments (optional)
    • Additional parking passes for volunteers (optional)


Additional Financial Commitments (fall only)

    • Opening Reception (see Social Events Subcommittee for details)
    • Concrete Mixer (see Social Events Subcommittee for details)
    • Guest Program (see Guest Program Subcommittee for details) (optional)
    • Recognition PowerPoint presentation or signs for convention sponsors
    • Appreciation reception for convention contributors (optional)
    • Gratuities for tour company (for example, drivers, tour guides)
    • Potential losses from Guest Program/Tours
    • Promotion of convention at the convention prior
    • Exhibit Booth Costs (for example, decorator fees for equipment, electrical and labor, exhibit area rental [if applicable])
    • Student Lunch cost for students pre-registered for the convention
    • Convention magazine/newspaper (optional)
    • Sponsor convention registration fees (if offered to top sponsors as an optional benefit)


Sponsorship Levels (fall only)
The CCC sets levels of contributions that reflect the amount of money donated. The chapter should set these levels prior to kicking off their fund raising activities. Some chapters select levels that are related to their area; for example, in Dallas, levels included Texas Ranger, Sheriff, Deputy, etc. Samples of sponsor benefits, letters, and forms are shown in Exhibit L.

Sponsor Benefits (fall only)
Benefits for various levels of sponsorship should be developed by the CCC, reviewed by ACI Event Services, and included in the chapter’s report to the Convention Committee for approval. The CCC should be careful to use the correct company name and logo for a sponsor when including it on any of the below items. Additional benefits not listed below must be approved by the ACI Convention Committee in advance.

ACI Convention Committee approved benefits include:

Convention Registration: The CCC may provide the sponsor with complimentary convention registrations. The CCC must pay ACI the convention registration fee for these individuals. This should be included as an expense in the CCC’s budget. The logistics of registrations for convention sponsors MUST be coordinated with ACI Event Services 8 months in advance of the convention. ACI Event Services will provide a special registration code and instructions to be distributed to sponsors 4 to 6 months prior to the convention.

Exhibit Space: The CCC may offer sponsors complimentary exhibit space. Typically this is offered to one of the top levels of sponsorship. The Fundraising Subcommittee should be sure to coordinate with the Exhibitor Subcommittee to be aware of the number of spaces to be held for sponsors who have opted for this benefit prior to selling exhibit space to other companies.

Preview/Program Book: The sponsors’ names will be listed in alphabetical order under the level for which they pledged. The listing of sponsors needs to be submitted to ACI Event Services 4 months prior to the convention in order to be printed in the preview and 10 weeks prior to the convention in order to be printed in the convention program book. Unfortunately, space does not permit the use of company logos.

Signage/Banners: ACI Event Services can help create these materials or provide a source for doing so. The number and text for signage must be received by ACI Event Services at least 3 weeks prior to the convention. Additional signage ideas include a gobo (light shown through a metal or glass piece cut to look like sponsor’s logo) on the wall at the Opening Reception or Concrete Mixer for top-level sponsors.

Ribbons: The host chapter may request ribbons be made saying “Host Chapter” and/or “Convention Sponsor.” Names of sponsor companies and/or logos and professions may NOT be listed on ribbons. The CCC will be responsible for distributing the ribbons to their members and sponsors.

Bags: The CCC may offer sponsors the opportunity to place their logo on the convention bags. Typically this is reserved for top-level sponsors or sponsors that donate funds specifically to cover the cost of the bags. The convention and ACI logo must also appear on the bags.

Flyers/Ads/Newsletters: The CCC may include a sponsor’s name and/or logo on flyers, the chapter newsletter, and/or ads purchased by the CCC promoting the convention in the local area or at the convention prior to theirs.

PowerPoint: The CCC may include sponsor names and/or logos on a PowerPoint continuous loop or presentation during the Opening Reception and/or Concrete Mixer. The CCC would be responsible for coordinating the development of the PowerPoint and any audio visual equipment with ACI Event Services. Equipment and labor charges for this item should be shown as an expense in the CCC budget.

Events: A sponsor may wish to donate to cover the cost of a specific event (that is, Student Lunch tickets for students, food in the exhibit area etc.). The CCC may offer recognition of these sponsors through signage, inclusion in the convention program book, flyers promoting that event, etc. The CCC must provide ACI Event Services with the names of these sponsors 6 weeks prior to the convention if they are to be included in the convention program book or 3 weeks prior for signs created by ACI for that event.

Website: The CCC may include sponsor names and/or logos, their associated sponsorship levels, and a link to the sponsor’s website on the chapter or CCC website. This may also be added to the ACI website. Contact ACI Event Services to make arrangements to have sponsor information added to the ACI Convention website.

Ads: The CCC may wish to allow sponsors to create and place an ad in the chapter newsletter or a banner ad on the chapter or CCC website at no cost. The CCC may also purchase ad space in Concrete International magazine to thank sponsors.

General Sponsorship Policies:

The following materials should NOT include sponsor names and/or logos:

    • Pins and stickers promoting the convention
    • Ribbons with company names and/or logos

When in doubt, the CCC should contact ACI Event Services or the Chair of the ACI Convention Committee regarding sponsor benefits prior to offering items that are not addressed above or may be considered commercialization.

Sponsor List
The Fundraising Committee should maintain a list of all donors (including contact information), the amount pledged, the amount received, and the date received. The list should include the levels and the value set for each level. Any donations for services or value-in-kind (VIK) products or discounts should be listed as income.

The Fundraising Committee must provide ACI Event Services with the list of donors/sponsors by the following dates in order to be incorporated into convention materials.

    • Six months prior—inclusion in convention preview brochure
    • Six weeks prior—inclusion in the convention program book
    • Three weeks prior—inclusion on convention signage

Miscellaneous Inforamtion:

    • According to the IRS, funds solicited and collected for the convention may only be used for the convention or educational programs.
    • It is permissible for the convention fund to pay for meals of CCC members at the planning meetings.
    • The host chapter will receive a rebate of two-thirds of the fees collected for guest registrations and any profits from guest program tours.
    • The majority of funds for a convention are received less than three months prior to a convention.
    • Individuals in sales and/or Accounts Receivable from local concrete companies, contractors, material suppliers etc. make great options for the Chair or Co-Chairs.
    • Start the fund raising effort at least two to 2 to 2-1/2 years in advance so that firms can have more than 1 year to absorb the cost of the donation into their budget.
    • Consider consecutive pledges over 2 to 3 years.
    • Set a goal of having all pledges and most of the funds in hand 6 months prior to the convention. (It is difficult and worrisome trying to plan a convention without knowing how much money you can expect to raise.)
    • Send a request letter to all other local chapters and follow up with a phone call or email. Chapters receive points for donating to the conventions.
    • Selling advertising space on a flyer to promote the local area guest activities is an option to consider. Advertisers may include: convention hotel, tour companies, and restaurants.
    • All members of the CCC should assist the Fundraising Chair or Co-Chairs.
    • The Fundraising Subcommittee should work closely with the Exhibit Subcommittee.


B.4 Secretary Subcommittee

Overview: The CCC will hold several meetings over the course of years while planning for the convention. Agendas are an imperative element to keep meetings organized and effectively communicate with CCC members and ACI Event Services. Minutes of each meeting are also required to be kept and submitted for ACI Event Services and the ACI Convention Committee at certain times during the planning process. The CCC should designate a separate individual to be the secretary.

Goal: Keep effective minutes of each meeting held by the CCC.

Responsibilities: This individual is responsible for transcribing and distributing agendas and minutes of the meetings to the CCC and ACI Event Services in a timely fashion.

B.5 Treasurer Subcommittee

Overview: The CCC should designate a separate individual to be the Treasurer. The convention funds should be administered in a separate account from the chapter’s funds. There should be at least two people with check-writing authority.

Goal: Keep track of CCC income and expenses and ensure a balanced budget.


    • Set up and maintain the CCC bank account
    • Handle payables and receivables
    • Maintain/update the budget

Master Account
The chapter may wish to set up a master account with the hotel. The hotel will likely request a large deposit prior to the convention. The chapter may elect to apply all of their charges to the ACI Master Account at the venue(s) and ACI will cover their expenses prior to the convention. A Chapter Balance Report will be developed after the convention to settle all expenses and revenues.

State Sales Tax Exemption
Chapter Convention Committees should talk to the Chapter Treasurer to find out if the chapter has sales tax-exempt status in the state they are located. In the event they are not, they may wish to file for tax exemption, as this will save a fair amount of money. If filing for tax-exempt status, the chapter should start on this no later than two years ahead of time, as states tend to take a long time to process these requests. NOTE: The American Concrete Institute is tax exempt from federal taxes. They are NOT tax exempt from state sales tax, except in Michigan.

B.6 Volunteer Coordinator Subcommittee

Overview: Volunteers are essential to the success of the convention. The chapter may wish to obtain an individual to coordinate volunteers during the convention week.

Goal: Develop a team of volunteers to assist with the convention onsite operations.


    • Determine number of volunteers needed
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Assign responsibilities
    • Provide information on where to meet/check-in
    • Provide a list of volunteers who need name badges to ACI
    • Reconfirm volunteers the week prior
    • Ensure they show up- It's a good idea to have them check in at the chapter desk and then go to their designated activity. That way they get any last-minute instructions as well as pick up their name badge.
    • Answer volunteer questions

Chapters should plan to recruit volunteers to assist during the convention. Volunteers are needed to staff the chapter’s information desk, direct attendees, usher at the Opening Session, monitor sessions, and greet/direct attendees upon arrival at the hotels. ACI supplies a name badge for those volunteering for the day at the convention.

The CCC will be provided with an information desk near the exhibit area at their convention as well as the convention prior. This information desk is staffed by chapter volunteers who can answer questions about the local area and promote convention activities. The Chapter Desk should be staffed (with a minimum of two volunteers) while the exhibit area is open (Saturday from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Sunday through Tuesday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).

B.7 Guest Program Subcommittee (Optional)

Overview: Approximately 100 guests travel to the convention with attendees. The Guest Program provides these guests with opportunities to explore the local area, get to know other guests, and have a place to gather during the day.

Goal: Provide guests with information about recreational activities/tours that would be of interest to guests. Chapters have the option to coordinate scheduled tours, although this is not required.

Responsibilities: Refer to Exhibit N for a Guest Program Timeline.

    • Guest Overview
    • Arrange recreational activities/tours (optional)

Guest Hospitality Breakfast
ACI will provide refreshments each morning for guests and a room to be staffed by chapter volunteers who will greet guests from 7:00 am to 10:00 am from Sunday through Wednesday. Chapter will work with ACI Event Services to develop a menu and determine a location for the breakfast.

Guest Overview
The CCC should provide pamphlets, maps, and other pertinent information regarding the local area to guests and attendees at their convention and the convention prior. The CCC should also make a presentation at the Guest Overview (Sunday) during their convention and the two conventions prior to promote the destination and tours (if applicable) to convention guests. The presentation may include a PowerPoint presentation or video and should be approximately 5 to 10 minutes long. Audio/visual needs should be coordinated with ACI Event Services.

Guest Registration
All guest and tour registrations are processed through ACI. The CCC will receive all revenue from the guest tours (if the tour fees are going to be paid by the CCC to the tour company) following the convention. The chapter and/or tour company may not collect tour registration fees on their own.

Guest Program Brochure
ACI staff will develop and print a brochure to be distributed to every registered guest. This brochure will list tours and activities that the CCC has arranged, or that guests may do on their own (if the CCC chooses not to arrange tours). The brochure will also highlight activities taking place at the convention that guests are welcome to attend.

Recreational Activities/Tours (Optional)
The chapter has the option to arrange for scheduled activities/tours for the guests. Typical activities include museum tours, shopping, or tourist and historical attractions for guests. The tours should be 3 to 5 hours in length. The ACI Convention Committee must approve the guest program 6 to 12 months in advance of the convention. ACI Event Services must review all tour contracts prior to the CCC signing the tour contract. ACI staff may also negotiate for tours and can sign tour contracts on behalf of the CCC, with prior approval from the CCC.

Tour Requirements:

    • All tours should end by 4 pm (unless an evening activity is being planned and doesn’t conflict with any official convention activities).
    • Tours should not conflict with official convention activities (Opening Session, Opening Reception, Guest Social, and Concrete Mixer).
    • All contracts must be reviewed by ACI Event Services prior to finalizing and signing the contract.
    • Develop a survey to be distributed to guests 12 to 18 months in advance of the convention. A sample survey is shown as Exhibit G. This will allow the CCC to create a tour program that will be attractive to guests as well as meet the minimum numbers required by tour companies.
    • Check references of tour company.
    • If the tour runs through the lunch hour, lunch must be provided in the tour price, or times must be provided for lunch.
    • The chapter is responsible for payment of any fees for tour and/or transportation companies.
    • Develop contingency arrangements for tours that must be cancelled due to lack of interest.
    • Be aware of deadlines for tour cancellation and provide this information to ACI Event Services.
    • Send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) and obtain quotes from multiple tour providers.
    • Ensure adequate transportation for tours and other off-property events is arranged.
    • Establish a ticket price for each tour. If the CCC wishes to offer a tour that is free to attendees, it is recommended (but not required) that the CCC charge a minimal fee ($5 for example) to reduce the number of “no shows” who sign up for the tour, but don’t actually attend. This will hold the attendee financially responsible for attending the tour, and will assist the CCC in covering the cost of the tour.
    • To offset the cost of tours that do not meet the minimum required to break even, add 10 to 15% to the price of the tour, or be prepared to absorb the cost to run the tour.
    • Any transportation providers must have a minimum of $1,000,000 in public liability and property damage insurance valid over the dates of service, must hold the chapter harmless, and must provide certificates of insurance at the time of the contract.

B.8 Publicity Subcommittee

Overview: The Publicity Subcommittee coordinates and executes the promotion of the convention to the local area and to the attendees of the convention prior through various mediums. All promotional materials must be approved by ACI Event Services.

Goal: To promote the convention in the local area and at the convention prior. CCC may set up or use the chapter’s website to promote the convention. Refer to Exhibit O for the Publicity Committee Timeline.

Promotional Opportunities:

    • ACI Headquarters has graphic designers on staff who can assist in the development of promotional materials. There is no charge to use the ACI graphic designers; however, advance notice is requested. Additionally, the CCC may hire a graphic artist to create the subcommittee’s banners, flyers, donor boards, and other material. However, all materials developed by an outside graphic artist, must receive approval from ACI Event Services prior to printing. This is to ensure that the use of the ACI logo is in line with ACI Brand Guidelines.
    • Create or update a chapter website and include convention information and local links. Note: The chapter website cannot be linked to the ACI website until the completion of the convention prior.
    • Distribute convention previews (developed and printed free of charge by ACI) in the local area. Quantities should be requested from ACI Event Services Department 6 months prior to the convention date. Convention previews will be provided to the chapter approximately three months prior to the convention.
    • Use posters, flyers, brochures, and Convention Previews that will promote the convention and membership in the Host Chapter. Distribute these items to:
      • Engineering offices
      • Engineering and technical schools
      • Government offices (local municipalities, county, state)
      • Construction site offices
      • Direct mailing across the state
      • Local engineering associations, universities and construction/trade associations.
      • Chapter newsletter mailing list
    • Signs at conventions.
    • Banner listing convention sponsors (created and printed by ACI Event Services).
    • Chapter Banner (Chapter to produce) (optional).
    • Develop a flyer/brochure to pass out at the convention prior describing tours, special events, Concrete Mixer, Contractors’ Day, Technical Session(s), and other. (Note: This brochure/flyer must be reviewed prior to printing by ACI Event Services.
    • Pins are a popular option to promote the upcoming convention. Should the chapter elect to order pins, a quantity of 2000 to 2500 is recommended. Pins should not exceed 1”x1” in size.
    • Obtain brochures of local attractions, restaurants, and maps from the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to be distributed at the convention and the convention prior.
    • Bags are a popular giveaway item at the convention. Should your chapter elect to provide each attendee with a bag, an order of 1600 to 1800 bags is suggested, work with ACI Event Services to determine a quantity. The ACI logo must be included on the bag. Final bag design must be approved by ACI Event Services. The CCC is expected to stuff any local materials such as maps, restaurant guides, and flyers the Friday before the convention. The CCC should plan to set aside about four hours with eight people to stuff the tote bags.
    • The chapter is required to staff and maintain an information desk at their convention and the convention prior. Promotional materials can be distributed to attendees, and chapter volunteers can answer questions about the convention and destination.
    • ACI’s Event Services and Marketing Departments send press releases promoting the convention. It is recommended that you coordinate your local efforts with ACI Headquarters, as ACI staff may have already developed some material you can use.

B.9 Social Events Subcommittee

Overview: The Social Events Subcommittee coordinates the two main networking receptions for the ACI Convention.

Goal: Arrange and sponsor the following social activities: Opening Reception, Concrete Mixer, and the Host Chapter VIP/Sponsor Reception (optional).

Responsibilities: Please refer to Exhibit P for the Social Activities Timeline. The following is a description of each social activity. The chapter is responsible for all costs incurred in sponsoring these activities.

    • Opening Reception—Held on Sunday evening (the first evening) from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm during convention. This reception is arranged to welcome attendees and is held at the convention site. This reception may also be used by the host chapter to honor contributors. The menu for 800 to 1000 people should include light snacks or hors d’oeuvres (two pieces per person) such as cheese and crackers, vegetable crudité, mixed nuts, and/or chips and salsa, with six to eight cash bars. CCC will work with ACI Event Services to develop the menu and assist in meeting any venue food and beverage minimums. See sample menus in Exhibit S.
    • Concrete Mixer—Held on Tuesday (third evening) from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm of convention. The menu for approximately 1200 to 1500 people should include heavy hors d’oeuvres (six pieces per person) and two drink tickets per person. CCC is responsible for covering the costs of the food and beverage and all other expenses such as facility fees, transportation, decorations, bartender fees, entertainment, and audio/visual. All Concrete Mixer-related contracts must be approved by ACI Event Services prior to the signing of the contract. CCC will work with ACI Event Services to develop the menu, quantities, and assist in meeting any venue food and beverage minimums. See sample menus in Exhibit S.
    • Host Chapter VIP/Sponsor Reception (optional)—The CCC has the option to hold a reception to honor the Chapter VIPs and other contributors to the convention. This event may not be held during any other convention events.

Standard Special Event Guidelines:

    • Events held at the convention site (convention center, hotel, and in some cases, specialty event venues) must be serviced by the in-house banquet department to comply with health and sanitation codes. No outside caterers may be used at these locations. Please note: event venues often have bartender fees unless a minimum expenditure has been achieved.
    • If live or recorded music is played at any function, royalties must be paid to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). ACI Event Services staff may assist in how to accomplish this task.
    • The ACI Event Services must negotiate any contract for food and beverage price(s) for the host chapter. This arrangement must be made no later than 18 months prior to the convention.

B.10 Student Program Subcommittee

Overview: The Student Program Subcommittee works with ACI Event Services and Committee S801, Student Activities, to provide support for and build awareness of the Student Competition and Student Lunch programs at the convention. This competition is attended by students (both undergraduate and graduate), general members of ACI, and S801 committee members. There are usually 20 to 40 teams for each competition. For each student activity, ACI, the CCC, and S801 each have specific responsibilities. A successful student program depends on communication and coordination between these parties. Exhibit Q represents a timeline for planning student activities. The required Student Program events include the Student Competition (first day of the convention) and the Student Lunch (the second day of the convention). Both are co-sponsored by S801 and the CCC.

Goal: Publicize the convention at various engineering, technical, and trade schools in the local area to encourage participation in the Student Program during the convention, and assist in the coordination and execution of the Student Program.

Student Competition Responsibilities


    • Promote student competition nationally.
    • Register students for competition and compile list of teams to be given to S801.
    • Coordinate logistics (location, testing device, setup, storage, and seating) as needed.


    • Attend the S801 Committee Meeting and Student Programs of the two conventions prior to yours to meet with ACI/S801 and to coordinate student activities program.
    • Promote student competition in local area.
    • Work with ACI Event Services to arrange for refreshments (optional).
    • Obtain judges.
    • Provide an emcee (optional).
    • Coordinate with S801 for competition requirements. Rules and descriptions for the competitions may be viewed at


    • Coordinate with the chapter for competition requirements and rules.
    • Monitor and help with competition.

Student Lunch Responsibilities


    • Arrange for all food and beverage, room location, and setup for the Student Lunch.
    • ACI Event Services will communicate Student Lunch registration numbers to CCC.


    • Cover the costs of all pre-registered students to attend the lunch. The chapter may solicit a sponsor to cover the cost.
    • Promote attendance to local colleges and universities.
    • Select speaker for Student Lunch that appeals to students. Speaker will be approved by S801 and the Convention Committee.


    • Approve Student Lunch speaker selected by CCC.
    • Present awards for Student Competition during the Student Lunch.

B.11 Technical Session Subcommittee (Optional)

Overview: The Technical Session Subcommittee coordinates and develops sessions of local interest to be presented at the convention.

Goal: Coordinate and organize one to three sessions that include topics of special interest in the local area. The subcommittee may organize a technical tour to a local construction project or historical site that is of interest to convention attendees.

Responsibilities: A timeline for technical sessions is shown as Exhibit R.

    • Solicit, receive, review, and select suitable papers for presentation. Approval is required from the Technical Activities Committee (TAC). However, the ACI Convention Committee must approve and allocate sessions. For session criteria and approval forms please visit
    • Appoint a moderator and co-moderator for each session who will coordinate and introduce the speakers and monitor A/V equipment. Moderators may be part of the Technical Session Subcommittee. Please refer to for specific session moderator responsibilities and training information.
    • Be sure to have substitute speakers available for emergencies. If a speaker does not show up, do not re-arrange the session speakers. Attendees often schedule their time at a convention to attend a particular presentation.
    • Send all session information (speaker names, co-author names, speaker and co-author contact information, presentation titles, and order of presentations) for their sessions to ACI Event Services 6 months prior to the convention.
    • Technical tours (optional) must be coordinated with ACI Event Services. Arrangement and payment of transportation is coordinated by the CCC.

III. Chapter Fundraising

This guide has been assembled to assist and inform chapters who have chosen to host an ACI Convention about fundraising. When a Chapter hosts an ACI Convention, there are certain financial obligations. The requirements, suggestions, and recommendations set forth in this manual were established as guidelines for developing successful and interesting conventions. This material has been approved by the ACI Convention Committee. This section elaborates on information given in Section B.3.

Fundraising Committee
The Chapter Fundraising Committee (CFC) is a subcommittee of the Chapter Convention Committee (CCC). The CFC must report to the CCC and keep them informed of financial affairs. The CFC should develop a plan to raise the monies for the convention as set forth by the CCC. A complete list of financial commitments is listed in Section B.3 of this guide. A timeline for CFC responsibilities is shown as Exhibit K.

Financial Plan
It is important to develop a financial plan to raise monies for a convention. Many chapters begin raising monies two to five years prior to their convention. Some chapters have previously hosted a convention and have established seed money for future conventions.

The vast majority of monies raised are pledged 3 to 6 months before a convention. A lesser amount is raised 6 to 12 months before a convention. Most monies are received 1 to 2 months prior to the convention.

If you have any questions, please contact ACI’s Event Services Department. ACI Event Services can put you in contact with previous CFC chairs.

Listed below is a series of steps which should be completed to successfully raise funds for the convention.

    • Select CFC Chairs.
    • Develop a budget with CCC subcommittee input. Because budgets are developed several years before a convention, account for inflation and adjust budgets as the convention date approaches. Consider costs from previous conventions in other locales. Some areas have significantly higher costs.
    • Develop a list of potential donors such as suppliers, ready-mixed concrete suppliers, test laboratories, engineers, and contractors. Consider both local companies and branches of national companies. ACI Event Services can provide a list of previous convention donors.
    • Develop a fundraising strategy (2 to 5 years out). Chapters may opt to hold convention fundraisers several years before a convention. Ideas for fundraisers include golf tournaments, raffles at chapter meetings, and using proceeds from ACI seminars and certification programs. Allow local companies to pledge amounts that are paid monthly or annually. All monies raised for a convention should be kept in a convention account separate from chapter monies.
    • Select donor levels. Several companies have historically pledged monies for every convention regardless of the locale. In some cases, it is easier to obtain larger sums from the local branch of the nationwide company. However, local companies pledge in smaller amounts but support a convention in greater numbers. Consider the possible financial commitment of local companies when setting convention contribution levels.
    • Fundraising efforts 6 months to 1 year out: Develop a “solicit” letter, which “sells” the potential donor on becoming a contributor to the convention. Consider what the contributors can expect in the way of exposure, including tasteful advertising displays, listings in Concrete International magazine, the Convention Program book, and contributor display. An example of a “solicitation” letter is shown as Exhibit L.
    • Fundraising efforts less than 6 months out: Call potential donors who have not responded to previous solicitations. Continue to reach out to local companies and ACI chapters.
    • Post-Convention: Send thank-you notes to all contributors. They should be sent out no later than 30 days following your convention.