318 Building Code Portal

ACI 318 Building Code Portal

The American Concrete Institute's newest Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-14) and Commentary has been completely reorganized and is available for industry use.

Now organized from the designer's perspective, the new edition includes more tables and charts, a consistent structure for each member chapter, fewer cross references, a dedicated chapter on construction requirements, and new chapters on structural systems and diaphragms.  With ACI 318-14, you will know with certainty when your design satisfies all relevant code provisions. 

Format and Language Options

ACI 318 is available in printed and digital formats for access on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.  It is available in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean

ACI 318-14 and Related Products

Companion products to the 318-14 are available including the SP-17 Design Handbook and the ACI 318-14: "Reorganized for Design" Online Code Course.

ACI 318 Transition Keys

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318-14 In-House Custom Seminars

ACI offers one-day in-house custom seminars to help you get acquainted with the new organization of the Building Code and various technical changes.

References in 318

Search for and access many free documents referenced in the commentary section of the 318 code.

318 Building Code Page

Visit the Topics in Concrete - 318 Building Code page for a complete listing of all ACI resources on 318 including technical articles, news items, & related committees>




ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook

Explanations, analyses, examples, and design aids for reinforced concrete structures –- an invaluable companion to the new ACI 318-14

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