Custom Training Programs

If you're beginning a career in the concrete industry, unable to find time to train new employees, or looking to build a stronger and more knowledgeable team, ACI Resource Centers can prepare you for success.

ACI Resource Centers offer various training programs designed to prepare you to successfully achieve certification in a specific practice area. Each program is designed to communicate the required skills and demonstrate each test method.

The following will be presented at each session:

  1. What equipment is necessary to perform the test.
  2. When to perform the test.
  3. How to properly conduct each test method.
  4. Why the test is required.
  5. What test results mean.
  6. How to record and report test results.

Each training program includes a workbook with the ACI certification program information, study questions and answers, performance checklists, and supplementary resources that will be reviewed at each training session. Hands-on demonstrations for each test method will be performed by qualified staff and practice sessions will allow you to use the equipment and become familiar with the necessary techniques used in the various test methods.

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Training is the critical first step in gaining the knowledge needed to prepare to successfully complete the certification you need to build your career.

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ACI is an AIA and ICC approved education provider.