Title: On Demand Course: Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures

Author(s): D’Ambrosia

Document Type: Online Learning

Date: Oct 24 2017 12:00AM

This is a recorded webinar from November 14th, 2017. New specifications have been developed recently for Performance Engineered Concrete Mixtures (PEMs) for construction or repair of existing pavements and bridge decks. The newly implemented approach incorporates durability performance in addition to early strength characteristics and constructability requirements. Historically, overdesign of compressive strength and usage of extremely high cementitious contents has caused varying degrees of early age cracking due to both thermal and autogenous shrinkage stresses. The new specifications have encouraged optimal usage of cementitious materials, uniform gradation of aggregates, and selection of advanced admixture technology. Performance requirements include restrained shrinkage cracking resistance, linear free shrinkage limits, freeze-thaw resistance, alkali-silica reactivity, and chloride penetration resistance. Field performance has indicated that performance engineered mixtures provide an expected increase in service life of decks and patching repairs.


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