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ACI 562 Repair Code

The ACI Code Requirements for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures (ACI 562) and Commentary is the first code specifically for repairing reinforced concrete.

Providing clearly defined, uniform requirements aimed at extending the service life of existing structures, chapters cover all aspects of concrete repair, from conception to completion, including the basis for compliance, evaluation and analysis, design of structural repairs, durability, and construction.

Guide to the 562 Repair Code

Now available, the accompanying Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Buildings has two components that work together to provide additional information on how to apply the performance requirements in ACI 562 and how the requirements may be applied to a broad range of projects.

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Free Online Presentations

History and Background of the ACI 562 Code

Chapter 1—The ACI 562 Code

The Building Official’s Perspective

Evaluation of Existing Concrete Structures

Structural Design Requirements for Concrete Repair

Durability Requirements in ACI 562

Chapters 9 and 10—Construction and Quality Assurance

ACI 563—Specifications for Repair

ACI Repair Resources Web Page

Visit the Topics in Concrete – Repair for a complete listing of all ACI resources on 562 / Repair, including technical articles, news items, & related committees


The New ACI 563-18 Repair Specification is Now Available


ACI 562-16 Webinar Series

Highlights of the webinar include an overview of ACI 562, a typical parking garage repair, a typical façade repair, the adaptive reuse of a historic depot, strengthening of a parking/plaza slab,  and repair of a precast/prestressed double-teeand provide an overview of ACI 562-16.

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