SP-336: Cracking and Durability in Sustainable Concretes

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Sponsors & Editors:

Sponsored by ACI Committees 130, Sustainability of Concrete and 224, Cracking

Editors: Ralf Leistikow and Kimberly Waggle Kramer




ACI Committees 130 and 224 sponsored and moderated two sessions at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2017, held in Anaheim, California. The objective of the sessions was to review the use of innovative mixture designs which incorporated sustainable admixtures and supplemental cementitious materials, and the effect these sustainable technologies have on the cracking performance and durability of these concretes. In particular, cracking behavior in sustainable concretes or practices for mitigation of cracking in sustainable concretes was reviewed. This information was shared based on completed research and case studies of sustainable concrete mixture designs. The learning objectives of the two sessions follow:

1) Learn about innovative mixture designs that incorporate sustainable admixtures and supplemental cementitious materials;

2) Learn about the effect these sustainable technologies have on the cracking performance and durability of these concrete mixes;

3) Gain an understanding of the cracking behavior of sustainable concrete mixtures; and

4) Learn about practices used to mitigate cracking in sustainable concrete.

Twelve presentations were given, and the presenters came from all over the world. Following the sessions, some of the presenters authored papers that provided more extensive information about their research. This SP include copies of these seven research papers.


Document Details

Pages: 116

ISBN: 9781641950886

Categories: Cracking, Durability, Sustainability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Internal Curing and Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Bridge Decks (1-20)

Authors: James Lafikes, Rouzbeh Khajehdehi, Muzai Feng, Matthew O’Reilly, and David Darwin


Zeolite Based Concrete- Durable Solution for Nation’s Infrastructure (21-40)

Authors: Nidhi M. Modha and Pratanu Ghosh


Freeze-Thaw and Salt Resistance of a Fly Ash Based Pervious Concrete (41-53)

Authors: Gang Xu, Luis Gerardo Navarro, Kafung Wong, and Xianming Shi


Multifunction Green Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures for Mortar under Chloride Environment (54-72)

Authors: Yu Jiang, Gang Xu, Zhipeng Li, and Xianming Shi


Understanding Shrinkage in Alternative Binder Systems (73-90)

Authors: Craig McKee, Ralf Leistikow, Emily Lorenz, William P. Gaspar, and Tumer Akakin


Durability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete (91-100)

Authors: Nariman J. Khalil and Georges Aouad


Low-Cracking High-Performance Concrete (LC-HPC) for Durable Bridge Decks (101-116)

Authors: David Darwin, Rouzbeh Khajehdehi, Muzai Feng, James Lafikes, Eman Ibrahim, and Matthew O’Reilly


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