SP-331: Durability of Concrete Structures Incorporating Conventional and Advanced Materials

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ACI Committee 345, ACI Committee 201, Yail J. Kim, Isamu Yoshitake, and Mark F. Green




Sustainability is one of the salient requirements in modern society. Structures frequently deteriorate because of aggressive service environments; consequently, federal and state agencies expend significant endeavors to maintain the quality of the structures. Among many factors, durability plays a major role in accomplishing the concept of sustainability. Extensive research has been conducted to understand the deterioration mechanisms of concrete and to extend the longevity of concrete members. Over the past decades, the advancement of technologies has resulted in durable construction materials such as advanced composites. This Special Publication (SP) contains nine papers selected from two technical sessions held in the ACI Spring Convention at Detroit, MI, in March 2017. All manuscripts were reviewed by at least two experts in accordance with the ACI publication policy.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2019

Pages: 160

ISBN: 9781641950541

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Thermal Detection of Subsurface Delaminations in Reinforced Concrete

Bridge Decks Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 1-14

Authors: Tarek Omar and Moncef L. Nehdi


Bond Behavior of Concrete Strengthened with FRP Laminates and NSM

Bars Subjected to Accelerated Aging using Freeze-Thaw Cycles 5-33

Authors: Ian Shaw, Hang Zhao and Bassem Andrawes


Cyclic Loading Behavior of CFRP-Wrapped Non-Ductile Beam-Column Joints. 34-54

Authors: Ali S. H. Zerkane, Yasir M. Saeed, and Franz N. Rad


Implications of High Plasticity Soils in Bridge MSE Wall Embankments 55-68

Author: Mark E. Williams


Long-Term Durability of GFRP Internal Reinforcement in Concrete Structures 69-79

Authors: Omid Gooranorimi, Doug Gremel, John J. Myers, Antonio Nanni


Improving the Durability of Impact Damaged PC Bridge Girders Using

CFRP Rod Panel Retrofit 80-100

Authors: Abheetha Peiris and Issam Harik


Experimental Investigation of CFRP Prestressed Concrete Beams 101-121

Authors: Yasir M. Saeed and Franz N. Rad


Behavior of Full-Scale Damaged Beams Repaired Using a Steel Reinforced

Polymer (SRP) Technique 122-135

Authors: Hayder Alghazali, Zuhair Al-Jaberi, Zena Aljazaeri, John J. Myers


Durability Investigations into CFRP-confined Concrete in H2SO4 136-150

Authors: Yongcheng Ji and Yail J. Kim


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