SP-317: Sulfate Attack on Concrete: A Holistic Perspective

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Mohamed T. Bassuoni, R. Doug Hooton, and Thanos Drimalas


The papers presented in this volume were included in a three-part session sponsored by ACI Committee 201, Durability of Concrete, about sulfate attack on concrete at the ACI Convention in Philadelphia, PA, on October 23-24, 2016. In line with the practice and requirements of the American Concrete Institute, peer review, followed by appropriate response and revision by authors, has been used.

Deterioration of concrete due to sulfate attack is a complex process characterized by multiple damage manifestations including volumetric expansion, cracking, spalling, softening, and in some cases mushiness. Sulfate attack can generally be classified as internal or external to the cementitious matrix, and the underlying damage modes can be chemical or physical. The scope of papers involves a multitude of theoretical and experimental aspects of different forms of sulfate attack. Readers are urged to critically evaluate the work presented herein, in the light of the large body of knowledge and scientific literature on this durability topic.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 172

ISBN: 9781945487675

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Criteria for Concrete Mixtures Resistant to Chemical Sulfate Attack

Authors: Karthik H. Obla and Colin L. Lobo


Sulfate Resistance of Ternary Blend Concretes: Influence of Binder

Composition on Performance

Authors: R. Brett Holland, Kimberly E. Kurtis, Lawrence F. Kahn


Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of Damage Evolution in

Concrete Due to External Sulfate Attack

Authors: A. Bonakdar and B. Mobasher


Performance of Alternative Binders in Sulfate Environments

Authors: L.E. Burris and K.E. Kurtis


Durability of Two-Stage (Pre-Placed Aggregate) Concrete to Sulfate Attack

Authors: M. F. Najjar, A. M. Soliman, T. M. Azabi and M. L. Nehdi


Efficacy of Composite-Strengthening on Axial Capacity of Concrete

Subjected to Sulfate-Induced Damage

Authors: Yongcheng Ji and Yail J. Kim


Criteria for Selecting Mixtures Resistant to Physical Salt Attack

Authors: Karthik H. Obla and Robert C. O’Neill


Efficacy of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing to Assess

Sulfate-Degraded Concrete

Authors: Julie Ann Hartell, Andrew J. Boyd, Patrice Rivard


The Effects of Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Exposure

Temperature on External Sulfate Attack

Authors: Ashlee Allison and Michael D.A. Thomas


Sulfate Resistance of Mortar Bars in Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium Sulfate Using A Vacuum Impregnation Technique

Authors: Federico M. Aguayo, Thano Drimalas, Kevin J. Folliard


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