SP-133: Designing Concrete Structures for Serviceability and Safety

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Editors: Edward G. Nawy & Andrew Scanlon


Design for serviceability and safety is central to the work of structural engineers, code-writing bodies and the users. The current era of high strength materials, exotic additives and limit states of design has necessitated better control of constructed facilities in their short and long-term behavior at service load and at ultimate load. This Special Publication concentrates on topics that give the design engineer and contractor an insight into how to avoid practices that could affect the integrity or long-term performance of structural elements and systems.

The text is outgrowth of a national symposium of the American Concrete Institute co-sponsored by ACI Committees 348 and 435, and covers topics ranging from crack-control in reinforced and prestressed concrete, safety provisions in design codes and practical deflection computations to limit state design principles and seismic performance of frame structures. Several papers that could not be presented due to time limitations are included.

The papers dealing with serviceability, highlight requirements of the ACI Codes and Reports in addition to relevant state of the art developments. The paper covering safety deal with issues ranging from philosophical discussions of treatment of safety in codes to project case studies. Overlap is expected since serviceability and safety are indivisible.

All the papers presented in this publication were reviewed by recognized experts in accordance with the ACI review procedures. It is hoped that designer, constructors and codifying bodies will be able to draw on the material presented in improving the safety and long-term cracking and deflection behavior of concrete constructed facilities.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1992

Pages: 346

ISBN: 9780870316319

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Macro-Cracking and Crack Control in Concrete Structures -

A State of the Art, by E.G. Nawy

-Safety Provisions in Design Codes for Reinforced Concrete

Structures, by A. Scanlon and R.B. Corotis

-Integrating the Design for Safety and Serviceability, by

M.Z. Cohn and Z. Lounis

-Practical Considerations in Computing Deflection of

Reinforced Concrete, by R.S. Fling

-Serviceability Design in Current Australian Code, by

B.V. Rangan

-Allowable Deflections: The Other Side of the Equation, by

A. Scanlon and L. Pinheiro

-Design and Serviceability of Reinforced Concrete Floor

Systems, by S.J. Sopko

-Generalized Reliability Assessment and Reliability-Based

Design for Structural Safety and Serviceability, by

I.A. Alvi and B.M. Ayyub

-Early Age Shear-Friction Behavior of High-Strength Concrete

Layered Systems at Sub-Freezing Temperatures, by

S.T. Kudlapur and E.G. Nawy

-Sensitivity Analysis of Damaged Concrete Bridge Girders,

by S.W. Tabsh

-Experience with Pre- and Post-Cracking Deflections of

Pretensioned Members, by A. Aswad

-Design for Safety, Serviceability and Damage Tolerability,

by D.M. Frangopol and M. Klisinski

-Evaluation and Analysis of Hammerhead-Type Pier Caps, by

C.C. Fu, J. Colville, and D.R. Schelling

-Reflections on Limit State Design, by W.B. Cranston

-A Numerical Model of Flat-Plate to Column Connection

Behavior, by H. Omar and G. Morris

-Seismic Performance of Code-Designed Reinforced Concrete

Fram Structures, by H.H.M. Hwang and H.M. Hsu


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