SP-131: Durability of Concrete--G.M. Idorn International Symposium

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The G. M. Idorn International Symposium on Durability of Concrete, sponsored by the ACI Committee 201 on Durability, was held at the 1990 annual ACI Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This symposium was dedicated to Dr. G. M. Idorn in view of his many decades of relentless dedication to the subject of improving concrete durability. A total of 32 paper are included in this publication. The volume has been divided into 4 parts, which all deal with the durability of cover. Part 1 covers durability aspects in relation to effects of environment on placement. Part 2 covers effects of composition. Part 3 deals with the assessment of durability, and in Part 4, various case histories are given.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1992

Pages: 430

ISBN: 9780870316296

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Part 1: Durability of Reinforced Concrete - Effect of

Environment and Placement

-Concrete structure and protection of steel reinforcement

-An holistic approach to the corrosion of concrete in

aqueous environments using indices of aggressiveness

-Durability of rebars in concrete

-The influence of immersion vibration on the void system

of air entrained concrete

-Influence of curing conditions on the durability related

properties of near surface concrete and cement mortars

Part 2: Durability of Reinforced Concrete - Effect of Composition

-Concrete microstructure and its relationships to pore structure,

permeability and general durability

-Alkali silica reaction processes: the conversion of cement

alkalies to alkali hydroxide

-Calcium chloride in type V-cement concrete

-Controlled cement hydration: its effect on durability of concrete

-The effect of blast furnace slag and related materials on the

hydration and durability of concrete

-Durability of mortars and concretes made with a natural


-Role and effectiveness of mineral admixtures in relation to

alkali silica reaction

-Sulfate resistance of concrete containing fly ash

Part 3: Durability of Reinforced Concrete Assessment

-Quantifying microscopical examinations of concrete for alkali

aggregate reactions (aar) and other durability aspects

-Early age permeability measurements for prediction of concrete


-In situ assessment of durability of concrete motorway bridges

-Reflections on steel corrosion in concrete

-A new method for assessing frost damage in non-air entrained

hydraulic structures

Part 4: Durability of reinforced concrete case histories

-Rehabilitation and impregnation of a concrete arch bridge to

inhibit the further effects of alkali aggregate reaction and the

monitoring of the effectiveness of the coating system

-Durability of concrete in iceland

-Old concrete roads in denmark

-Deterioration of precast concrete panels with crushed quartz

coarse aggregate due to alkali silica reaction


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