SP-124: Thin Section Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Ferrocement

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Editors: J.I. Daniel & J.P.Shah


Thin-section fiber reinforced concrete is portland cement concrete or mortar reinforced with dispersed, randomly oriented discrete fibers. Fibers can be metal (low carbon or stainless), mineral (glass or asbestos), synthetic organic (carbon, cellulose, or polymeric), or natural organic (sisal). Fiber lengths can range from 1/8 inch to 2-1/2 inches. Furthermore, many existing thin fiber-cement composites on the market today comprise a blend of different fiber types. By ACI's definition, ferrocement is portland cement mortar reinforced by the number of very closely spaced layers of continuous fiber networks or meshes. Ferrocement can be manufactured with any of the fiber types mentioned above, even though its name might imply steel wire meshes. ACI Committee 544 and 549 organized international symposiums to address the many thin-section fiber-cement building products available the world or under development. SP-124 contains papers presented at symposiums in Atlanta, Feb. 1989 and in San Diego, Nov. 1989.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1990

Pages: 441

ISBN: 9780870316227

Categories: Ferrocement

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Specialty Cellulose Fibers for Cement Reinforcement,

by K.D. Vinson and J.I. Daniel

-Performance of Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Sheeting,

by J.G. Keer

-Fabrication and Properties for a New Carbon Fiber

Reinforced Cement Product, by T. Ando, H. Sakai,

K. Takahaski, T. Hoshijima, M. Awata, and S. Oka

-Oriented Polyethylene Fibrous Pulp Reinforced Cement

Composites, by D.M. Gale, A.H. Shah, and P. Balaguru

-Development of Aramid Fiber Reinforced Cement

Composites, by P. Soroushian, Z. Bayasi, and A. Khan

-Reinforcement of Cement-Based Materials with Cellulose

Fibers, by P. Soroushian and S. Marijunte

-Plastic Shrinkage and Permeability in Polypropylene

Reinforced Mortar, by M.A. Sanjuan, B. Bacle, A. Moragues,

and C. Andrade

-Interaction Between Fibers and the Matrix in Glass Fiber

Reinforced Concrete, by B. Mobasher and S.P. Shah

-Design Considerations for GFRC Facades, by R.G. Oesterle,

D.M. Schultz, and J.D. Glikin

-Manufacture and Installation of GFRC Facades, by

N.W. Hanson, J.J. Roller, J.I. Daniel, and T.L. Weinmann

-Improvement of the Durability of GFRC by Silica Fume

Treatments, by A. Bentur

-Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement in Mining Applications, by

I.R.K. Greig

-Strength Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in

Marine Environment, by N.C. Kothari

-Properties of Sandwich Beams with Thin Layer of Steel

Fiber Reinforced Mortar, by M. Rahimi and H.T. Cao

-Structural Behavior of Thin SFRC and Ferro-Fibro Overlays,

by S.K. Kaushik, R.M. Vasan, P.N. Godbole, D.C. Goel, and

S.K. Khanna

-Deformation Characteristics of Ferrocement Elements

Under Tension, by T.P. Tassios and V. Karaouli

-Flexural Behavior of Thin Fiber Reinforced and Ferrocement

Sheets, by R.N. Swamy and M.W. Hussin

-Tensile Behavior of Thin Ferrocement Plates, by R.N. Swamy

and Y.B.I. Shaheen

-Investigation of Precast Ferrocement Planks Connected by

Steel Bolts, by T.S. Krishnamoorthy, V.S. Parameswaran,

M. Neelamegam, and K. Balasubramanian

-Behavior of Thin Sheet FRC Under Impact Loading, by

A. Bentur, S. Mindess, and C. Yan

-Thin Sheet Glass and Synthetic Fabric Reinforced Concrete

60-120 Pound pfc Density, by M. Schupack


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