ACI PRC-304-00: Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing Concrete (Reapproved 2009)

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This guide presents information on the handling, measuring, and batching of all the materials used in making normalweight, lightweight structural, and heavyweight concrete. It covers both weight and volumetric measuring; mixing in central mixute plants and truck mixers; and concrete placement.

Keywords: batching; continuous mixing; conveying; heavyweight concretes; lightweight concretes; materials handling; mixing; placing; preplaced aggregate concrete; pumped concrete; tremie concrete; volumetric measuring, 304R, 304R-00.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 304

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 41

ISBN: 9780870313080

Categories: Placing

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--Introduction



1.3--Other considerations

Chapter 2--Control, handling, and storage of materials

2.1--General considerations



2.4--Ground Slag and Pozzolans


2.6--Water and Ice

2.7--Fiber Reinforcement

Chapter 3--Measurement and batching

3.1--General requirements

3.2--Bins and weigh batchers

3.3--Plant type

3.4--Cementitious materials

3.5--Water and ice measurement

3.6--Measurement of admixtures

3.7--Measurement of materials for small jobs

3.8--Other considerations

Chapter 4--Mixing and transporting

4.1--General requirements

4.2--Mixing equipment

4.3--Central mixed concrete

4.4--Truck mixed concrete

4.5--Charging and mixing

4.6--Mixture temperature


4.8--Mixer performance


4.10--General considerations for transporting concrete

4.11--Returned Concrete

Chapter 5--Placing concrete

5.1--General considerations


5.3--Reinforcement and embedded items



5.6--Mass Concreting

Chapter 6--Forms, joint preparation, and finishing


6.2--Joint preparation

6.3--Finishing unformed surfaces

Chapter 7--Preplaced aggregate structural and mass concrete

7.1--General considerations


7.3--Grout mix proportioning

7.4--Temperature control


7.6--Grout pipe systems

7.7--Coarse aggregate placement

7.8--Grout mixing and pumping

7.9--Joint construction


7.11--Quality control

Chapter 8--Concrete placed under water

8.1--General considerations


8.3--Mixture proportioning

8.4--Concrete production and testing

8.5--Tremie equipment and placement procedure

8.6--Direct pumping

8.7--Concrete characteristics


8.9--Special applications

8.10--Antiwashout admixtures

Chapter 9--Pumping concrete

9.1--General considerations

9.2--Pumping equipment

9.3--Pipelines and accessories

9.4--Proportioning pumpable concrete

9.5--Field practices

9.6--Field control

Chapter 10--Conveying concrete

10.1--General considerations

10.2--Conveyor requirements

10.3--Conveyor design

10.4--Types of concrete conveyors

10.5--Field practice

Chapter 11--Heavyweight and radiation-shielding concrete

11.1--General considerations


11.3--Concrete characteristics

11.4--Mixing equipment



11.7--Quality control

Chapter 12--Lightweight concrete

12.1--General considerations

12.2--Measuring and batching


12.4--Job controls

Chapter 13--Volumetric-measuring and continuous-mixing concrete equipment

13.1--General Considerations


13.3--Fresh Concrete properties

Chapter 14--References

14.1--Reference standards and reports

14.2--Cited References


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