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Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are limited to one-hour in length and are held during the first hour of a committee's regularly scheduled meeting time. Chair permission is required to hold a mini session during the sponsoring committee meeting. Each presentation should be a minimum of 10 minutes. Mini sessions support PDH's and special publications are permitted; however, presentations will not be recorded. ACI will provide an LCD projector and screen, however speakers must provide their own laptops. You must receive approval for your mini session no later than 6 months (or one convention) before your session.

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Convention Sessions

Convention sessions are typically between two and four hours in length with an appropriate number of 20-minute presentations. Convention sessions support PDH's and symposium publications. ACI provides audio visual equipment, records the sessions, and makes the presentations available on the ACI website. Convention sessions require preliminary and final approval. 

Preliminary approval is required no later than 12 months in advance of the session. Submission deadlines are listed in the SP and Convention Session Deadlines table.

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Final approval: You must receive final approval for your session no later than 6 months (or one convention) prior to your session.

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Session Moderator Responsibilities

Session moderators are responsible for the organization of their convention session. This includes submitting the preliminary and final approval forms, obtaining speakers, developing a description of the session, providing ACI staff with complete speaker contact information, presentation titles, order of presentations, and session descriptions. Additionally, moderators will be responsible for proofing materials that will be printed or published, informing speakers of deadlines and instructions to submit presentations and handouts, and other general communication with speakers.
On-site facilitation of the session includes confirming the speakers have arrived, introducing speakers, checking the session room setup in advance of the session, and handling any last-minute requests or situations.

Session Moderator Training

The session moderator and co-moderator are encouraged to review the online Session Moderator Training.

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