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564-0D - Modeling and Performance Prediction

Committee Mission: To develop guidance documents for computational modeling of the concrete 3D printing process up to solidification to enable process control and prediction of printed element performance.

Goals: 1) Develop ACI guidance document on computational models used to simulate the 3D printing process over the fresh and solidification stages to predict the success of the 3D printing process and the quality (strength and geometry) of the solidified printed element. 2) Identify the required model inputs (to link with 564-0C) and outputs (to inform 564-0B) to accurately simulate and predict the 3D printing process during each stage. 3) Highlight knowledge gaps and research needs to achieve robust model-based concrete 3D printing. 4) Coordinate efforts of ACI 564 with ASTM, ASCE, PCI, ISO, RILEM, and other relevant organizations.

Chair: Mohammed Alnaggar

Upcoming Convention Sessions:
Advances in Modeling for 3D Printing with Cementitious Materials: From Process Success to Product Performance
ACI Spring Convention 2025 - Toronto, ON

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